Separation Anxiety Disorder Can Cause Many Psychoses In Adults


The problem of separation anxiety seen in children and adults can also lead to separation anxiety disorder if not taken care of. The problem of separation anxiety, which is commonly seen in children, can also be the cause of separation anxiety disorder at times. 

This psychosis can also be seen in adults but its effects can be more complex in them. Even this psychosis can become the cause of many psychoses in them. Disorders in adults and child.

Usually small children start crying when they are away from their parents for some time. Behind which there is a fear of going away from the parents for some time, but the fear of being left alone. This is considered a common situation. 

But if this fear increases more and starts harming the mental and behavioral health of the victim, then sometimes it can become the cause of separation anxiety disorder. 

Although this psychosis is usually seen by associating it with children, but sometimes this problem can be seen in adults as well. Separation anxiety disorder cause disorders . Disorders in adults and child.

Separation anxiety is common in young children: Experts believe that separation anxiety is a common aspect of children’s development. This condition is usually seen in young children. 

But with age, its symptoms and effects start decreasing. But if this does not happen and due to this fear, practical and mental problems start appearing in them, then this situation can turn into psychosis. According to a research by NCBI, separation anxiety is found in about three to four percent of children.

Not only in children, sometimes this psychosis can be seen in young adults or adults too. But the effect of this psychosis in them can be seen in a more complex form. 

According to psychiatrists and psychologists, people suffering from separation anxiety disorder are more likely to have many other types of anxiety disorders and many mental and behavioral problems.

Effects of Separation Anxiety: Uttarakhand psychologist Renuka Joshi explains that it is a normal behavior to feel a little restlessness or loneliness after being away from your friends and family due to the fear of being separated or away from them, but if this fear Or if loneliness starts causing mental problems like depression, panic disorder or anxiety disorder, then it turns into psychosis.

She says that being a victim of this disorder not only changes the behavior of the victim, but sometimes some physical problems can also be seen in it. 

Due to this psychosis, sometimes there is an increased risk of some other psychoses in the victims such as panic attacks, phobias, social anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and depression (obsessive compulsive disorder, panic attacks, phobias, social anxiety disorder and depression). e.t.c.

According to a study published in the BMC Psychiatry Journal, adults with separation anxiety also showed higher levels of depression, higher stress, and higher neuroticism scores than those with other anxiety disorders, as well as They may also face difficulty in performing everyday tasks.

Separation anxiety disorder symptoms: Due to the severity of this disorder or many other reasons, its symptoms or signs can be seen differently in children and adults. Some of which are as follows.

Separation anxiety disorder symptoms in adults

increased anxiety, fear, or nervousness

too much emotional dependence on others

Always afraid of having accidents or tragic events with loved ones or fear of being separated from them

difficulty concentrating

poor sleep

distance from social life

having nightmares

stomach or headache

Separation anxiety disorder symptoms in children

always be with parents

Fear of losing a parent, other family member or friend to illness, disaster or accident

excessive fear or anxiety

Refusing to be away from home or parents for fear of separation

crying profusely even after being away from parents or relatives for a while

Feeling physically unwell or experiencing headache, stomach pain, or vomiting

Sudden changes in behavior such as becoming violent and emotional

Refusing to go anywhere alone, even to go to school

poor performance in school

refusing to sleep alone

having scary dreams of being separated from a parent or other kin

Separation anxiety disorder treatment: Renuka Joshi states that for the treatment of separation anxiety disorder, other therapies including psychotherapeutic talk therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy and also medication if needed. take help.

Apart from this, it is also advised to take care of some special precautions and things related to behavior along with medical help when symptoms of this psychosis are seen in children or adults. She tells that whether children or elders, it is very important that if symptoms or signs of this psychosis are seen in them, then immediately consult a psychiatrist and treatment should be taken. Especially in childhood, by understanding the signs of this disorder in time and efforts are started to keep the condition of the child right, then the serious effects of this disorder can be reduced or even got rid of them.

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