The Ever-increasing Cases Of Heart Disease, Many Big Celebrities Are Also In The Grip Of Heart Attack At A Young Age.


Suddenly the number of cases of heart attack is being seen in younger people. The effect of food and changing lifestyle is being seen more in youth and this is the reason for heart attack in youth. 

Many well-known celebrities like Sonali Phogat, actors Puneet Rajkumar and Siddharth Shukla died due to heart attack at a young age and comedian Raju Srivastava is currently admitted in AIIMS hospital due to heart attack. Raju Srivastava admitted in AIIMS. Heart attack symptoms in youth age. Heart disease prevention.

There has been a sudden increase in the number of cases of heart attack in people under the age of 50. Now the case numbers are being seen more in the youth whose age is 30 to 40 years. 

Which can be due to hormonal imbalance and irregular lifestyle. Many well-known celebrities like Sonali Phogat, actors Puneet Rajkumar and Siddharth Shukla died due to heart attack at a young age and famous comedian Raju Srivastava is currently admitted in AIIMS hospital due to heart attack. . Heart attack symptoms in youth age. Heart disease prevention.

People with diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease (heart attack symptoms in youth age) can be vulnerable to heart attack. Dr. Gaurav Kavi Bhargava, co-in-charge of the Cardiology Department of Jayarogya Hospital, says that the effect of diet and changing lifestyle is being seen more in the youth and this is heart attack. attack in youth). 

It is important that people do not ignore any early warning signs of a possible heart problem and seek timely medical advice. At present, the most trouble is coming to those people who were infected in the first and second wave of corona. Such people are reaching the hospital complaining of chest pain.

Studies conducted by medical professionals across the country indicate that at least 25 per cent of Indians under the age of 40 are at risk of having a heart attack or suffering from any other serious heart-related complication, and this risk is less than 40 per cent. Between the ages of 50 can increase to 50 percent of the population. 

The report of the Forensic Department of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Medical College Jabalpur has revealed that Corona has weakened the heart of the youth. After coming under the grip of this infection, the heart of the youth has become very weak. After this revelation of the Department of Forensic Medicine, Dr. Vivek Agarwal (Dr. Vivek Agarwal Forensic Medicine NSCB Jabalpur) has appealed to the youth to change their diet. Also said that from time to time, keep taking the advice of a heart specialist doctor.

Myth and Truth: There are many myths about heart disease. As heart disease is more in men, as well as the problem of heart attack is more in men, but research has revealed that more women die of heart attack than men. While giving information about the heart attack, Dr. Shashank said that many times people do not recognize that they have suffered a silent attack. People get confused that there is pain in the chest due to gas or any other reason, but awareness is necessary for this so that the patient can get treatment in such a situation as soon as possible. The increase in stress levels and improper lifestyle are two major reasons for the rise of heart related diseases.

V. Hariram, Senior Interventional Cardiologist, SLG Hospitals said that Indians are habitual consumers of trans fat and it is associated with poor lifestyle, irregular working hours, alcohol, smoking tobacco as well as heart disease. The danger increases and such a person is very vulnerable. 

M Sai Sudhakar Interventional Cardiologist, Gleneagles Global Hospital, Chief Interventional Cardiologist, Gleneagles Global Hospital said, India has a poor rating on many societal parameters and it is seeing more and more people in stressful situations with each passing year. There is a major reason for pushing deeper. These social problems along with personal issues are the major reasons for people suffering from mental stress, which has a direct impact on their heart.

Heart attack cases increased: According to a doctor’s data, heart problems have doubled in the last few years. In 2009, 41 people were suffering from heart problems, which increased to 220 in 2010. In 2014, this figure reached more than 500. At the same time, 969 in 2015, 1100 in 2016, reached 1300 in 2017. This figure increased further to 1477 in 2018. Since 2019 till now 850 are suffering from heart disease.

The study, published in the American Journal of Preventive Cardiology, also confirms that COVID-19 increases the rate of heart attacks in individuals with established atherosclerotic heart disease (ASCVD). For the study, the team analyzed 55,412,462 individuals, dividing the groups into six matching groups. These included people who had coronavirus and also included people who were not infected.

Heart disease occurs due to these reasons

1. Excess weight: Weight increases due to excess fat in the body. It also increases cholesterol, which becomes a major cause of kidney related diseases. The risk of heart attack also increases due to the increase in trans fat in the body.

2. High BP: High BP for a long time blocks the arteries. This increases the risk of many diseases. In diabetic patients, the constant fluctuation of blood sugar is not good for the heart, it affects the working capacity.

3. Increasing stress: Stress is related to the heart. The more you stay away from stress, the healthier you will be. The more stress you take, it will release hormones online, which increases the risk of heart attack. Along with this, the blood pressure also starts increasing.

4. Birth related: Cholesterol increase can also be genetic. If either of the parents has had a heart attack before the age of 55, then the risk of this increases manifold in the children. Children have similar genes and eating habits. Therefore, children should be examined every month.

5. Routine: The effect of diet and changing lifestyle is being seen more in the youth, smoking and intoxication is the biggest reason. If it is getting cold, then do not go for a walk in the morning in the cold weather. Avoid overcooked fried roasted food and junk food. Dr. Sudhir Mehta, HOD of IGMC CTVS Department, Dr. Sudhir Mehta, HOD of IGMC CTVS Department says that at present changing lifestyle is also becoming the cause of heart diseases. Many diseases are also arising due to not walking, in which heart disease is the main one.

Early warning signs: Doctors have advised that people should not ignore the early warning signs like breathlessness, chest pain, excessive sweating, dizziness etc. and start the therapy on time. 

It is also important that obese individuals and those with pre-existing health complications quit smoking and stop consuming alcohol (if they have both of these habits). It also said that youths below the age of 30, who have a family history of heart diseases, should undergo regular medical check-ups.

Keep these things in mind:

Go to sleep by 10 o’clock in the night, wake up before sunrise in the morning. Also, have breakfast within two-three hours of getting up. Have lunch at the right time in the afternoon. 

The same, have dinner by 8 pm and always drink water only after 1 hour of eating. Take care of the food, avoid over-cooked fried roasted food and junk food. 

Use minimum ghee, oil and butter. Use fifty percent vegetables and fruits in the food. Apart from this, include a salad of seven colored fruits and vegetables in your diet regularly and eat more high-fiber things. 

By doing yoga and exercise for 30 minutes daily in the morning, they will remain healthy and diseases will also not wander around the body. 

Get BP sugar checked regularly and take medicine on time. Regular form and moderation in food habits are some of the most simple yet powerful habits that people can do to reduce their heart risk. 

Every person’s body is different and has a different ability to reduce stress but maintaining a proper lifestyle and being physically active is the key. It may be best to reduce this risk.

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