Chief Minister Hemant Soren’s Statement On Ankita Murder Case Will Be Heard In Fast Track Court


Ranchi: The incident of burning Dumka’s girl Ankita in unrequited love (Ankita murder case Dumka) has created a ruckus in the entire state including the capital. People all over the state including Dumka are angry and the guilty are demanding strict punishment. 

At the same time, the opposition party BJP has also raised questions on law and order in Jharkhand regarding this incident. On this, after Health Minister Banna Gupta, now Chief Minister Hemant Soren has given a statement. 

The CM has also announced an assistance of Rs 10 lakh to the kin of the deceased.

On Monday afternoon, Chief Minister Hemant Soren said that nowadays many bad incidents are happening in the society. This incident is heart breaking and the law is taking its course. the accused has been arrested. 

We will try to get him punished as soon as possible. Such criminals cannot be forgiven. They should be punished severely. The existing laws should be tightened to prevent such incidents.

Fast track hearing: Apart from this, in another tweet, CM Hemant Soren has written that heartfelt tribute to Ankita daughter. Ankita’s family members have been instructed to fast track the execution of this heinous incident with the help of Rs 10 lakh. 

The Director General of Police has also been directed to give an early report on the progress of research by the ADG rank officer in this matter.

What Health Minister Banna Gupta said: Earlier, regarding the Dumka Ankita murder case, State Health Minister Banna Gupta said that the kind of incident that has happened in the capital is highly condemnable. Our government is serious on this. 

Considering this case as the rarest of the rarest case, work is being done on it. Whoever is accused will be given the harshest punishment. 

Health Minister Banna Gupta said that an attempt would be made to get the accused sentenced to death by conducting a speedy trial in this incident.

Raghuvar said – victim of love jihad: Here, politics has become hot on this incident. Former CM Raghuvar Das said on Dumka’s Ankita murder case that Jharkhand is ashamed, sad. Our daughter Ankita of Dumka was burnt alive by a ruthless Shah Rukh because of her eccentricity. That daughter gave up her life. 

The result of vote bank and appeasement is the brutal murder of Jharkhand’s daughter Ankita. A criminal named Shahrukh poured petrol on Ankita and burnt her, but till today not even a sigh came out of the Chief Minister’s mouth. 

On the one hand, the Hemant government is sending the miscreant Nadeem by air ambulance and getting him treated at government expense. On the other hand, Jharkhand’s daughter Ankita was left on her own terms. He demanded CM Hemant Soren to hang Ankita’s killer in a fast track court and hang her in a week.

Former CM Raghuvar Das said that this is not a normal matter, since the Hemant government came to power, jihadi forces have become active in Jharkhand. The cases of love jihad have also increased. 

Our girls are being targeted under a well thought out strategy. Massive changes are being made in the demography of Santhals. Hindus have become a minority in many areas. Matters like conversion, cow slaughter have become common there, but our state head will not see it.

This is the whole matter: Shahrukh, who lives in the neighborhood, was harassing Ankita, daughter of businessman Sanjeev Singh in Dumka, for a long time. Ankita’s family members told that her daughter is a student of class 12th. 

Shahrukh had acquired Ankita’s number from somewhere. Since then he was pressurizing Ankita to befriend in unrequited love. It is alleged that when Ankita did not agree and reprimanded her, Shahrukh lost his cool and threatened that if you do not obey me, I will kill you.

Ankita’s relatives told that Ankita was sleeping in the house on Tuesday (August 23) morning. Meanwhile, Shahrukh reached her house and threw petrol at her from the window and till she could understand something, the accused set her on fire by lighting a match. 

Here the police, who reached the information of the matter, have interrogated the relatives of Ankita admitted in Phoolo Jhano Medical College Hospital (FJMCH). Later he was sent to RIMS, where he died. Since then people are angry. At present, Section 144 has been imposed in Dumka.

Ankita had made this appeal before dying: It is known that Ankita of Dumka died during treatment at RIMS late on Saturday night. Before dying, he had appealed that his culprit should get the harshest punishment. 

This video of Ankita is going viral on social media. In this video, Ankita has also told about the incident that happened to her. He has also named the accused. At the same time, she has appealed to the administration that the way she is dying in agony, in the same way her culprits should also be given death penalty.

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