Ninth Southern Hog ​​Rally Resumes After Three Years In Ramoji Film City


Hyderabad : Harley Davidson… The name of this bike is remembered by all about its price. Yes, this bike is one of the luxury bikes worth lakhs, which also has many fans. 

But driving this bike in our traffic is not only difficult but also impossible. Therefore, Harley-Davidson organizes programs in far-flung areas every year and this year Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad became the venue for such an event. 

The 9th Southern Hog ​​Rally was successfully held here, where Harley bikers from across the country gathered at one place. Let’s have a look at more features related to Hog Festival…

HOG stands for Harley-Davidson Owners Group. It organizes hog rally every year. As a part of this, the ninth Southern Hog ​​Rally was also organized this year. This hog rally was organized by Banjara Chapter of Telangana region. Only Harley Davidson bikes took part in the rally and bikers from across the country participated in it. 

Seeing two wheelers of the same big company at one place is nothing less than a thrill. Most of the bikers involved in this rally organized at Ramoji Film City were managers, CEOs and software engineers working in different companies. Everyone participated in this function along with their family members. 

To participate in the hog rally, the biker will have to register seven thousand rupees for one year after buying the bike. The biker who does this is given a membership card which is like a credit card.

Let us tell you that the Harley Owners Group was started in the year 2009. Since then he organizes five rallies every year in different parts of the country. He has a total of five hog management companies across the country in South, East, North and West. The bikers coming to the rally have fun with their friends and enjoy this rally to the fullest. 

Harley Davidson bikes come from far and wide to take part in this hog rally. It is said that after traveling thousands of kilometers on this bike, there is no fatigue. The special thing is that women riders are also included in this group. Women drivers from far and wide also come without any fear to join the rally. 

The hog management company takes care of the necessary arrangements for them. The last hog rally was held in the year 2019. Later this ceremony was canceled due to Kovid. Organizers say that this hog rally, which started after two years, has received tremendous response. 23 chapters organize hog rallies in different states across the country. Special prizes are given to the winners of the rally.

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