Floods In Pakistan Estimated To Cause $4.5 Billion Damage, 937 People Killed, 30 Million People Homeless


The government of Pakistan has declared a national emergency in the midst of worse conditions due to floods and rains. Economic losses of more than $4 billion are expected in the current financial year due to unusually heavy rains in many areas of Pakistan and due to which severe floods have occurred in many areas.

Karachi: Economic damage of more than $4 billion is expected in the current financial year due to unusually heavy rains in many areas of Pakistan and due to which severe floods have occurred in many areas. 

It is not possible to fully estimate the actual damage caused to the economy due to the continuing outbreak of heavy rains and floods. But it is believed to have a deep impact on the production of the agricultural sector, which contributes 23 percent to Pakistan’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

So far 937 deaths, 30 million people have lost their heads: Rain in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province has washed away all records and figures. Such videos of devastation are coming out from Swat, Dir and Chitral. 

The government of Pakistan has officially killed some 937 people, including 343 children. The roof has been blown off the heads of three crore people in the country, after which a national emergency has been declared. 

In Sindh province from June 14 to Thursday, 306 people have lost their lives in rain and floods. At the same time, 234 deaths have been registered in Balochistan, 185 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and 164 in Punjab.

Floods in Pakistan estimated to cause $4.5 billion in damage

According to a report published in Pakistani newspaper ‘The Express Tribune’, nearly 1,000 people have died and property worth crores of rupees has been destroyed in the accidents caused by heavy rains and floods. 

The situation has become so bad that the government has had to declare a state of emergency in many parts. This newspaper quoted a research report by JS Global Research as saying that according to our initial estimates, if some specific steps are not taken by the government, the current account deficit due to floods and rains could increase to $ 4.4 billion, which is the GDP. will be a percentage of

It has been said in this report that Pakistan may have to import cotton worth $ 2.6 billion and wheat worth $ 900 million under compulsion. Along with this, it may also have to lose one billion dollars worth of textile exports. 

In this way, the total loss can reach about $ 4.5 billion. The cotton crop has suffered the most due to rain and floods in Pakistan. In the last financial year, 80 lakh bales of cotton were produced.

But this year, due to heavy rains in Sindh, its crop has suffered a lot. Apart from crops, about five lakh cattle have also died in the rains and floods. This will increase the economic burden on the rural population and milk supply is also expected to be disrupted.

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