This Sugar Not Only Reduces Obesity, It Also Makes Health And Beauty Better


Dr. Divya Sharma tells that people generally think that the benefits of brown sugar are in reducing weight, while due to the nutrients and properties present in it, many other types of digestive problems and even brown sugar in maintaining beauty. Using it can be very beneficial. Brown sugar is considered more beneficial and safe for health than white sugar. Benefits of brown sugar precautions before use.

More health conscious people around the world generally prefer brown sugar or brown sugar over white sugar. Because it is considered more beneficial for health and safer than white sugar. Actually, the chemical processes adopted in the manufacture of white sugar make its nature harmful for health many times. 

At the same time, such processes are used less in the manufacture of brown sugar. Due to which not only the absorption of nutrients is less in it, but the harmful elements are also relatively less in it. Before knowing about how brown sugar can be beneficial for health, it is also important to know that what is brown sugar and in what way it is made.

What is brown sugar: Brown sugar is a form of sugar which is prepared by mixing it with jaggery or jaggery juice. It is generally considered to be of different types depending on its colour, sweetness and quantity of jaggery added to it. like…

light brown sugar

natural brown sugar

dark brown sugar




The method of preparation of all these types of brown sugar and the amount of jaggery juice or jaggery added to them is different. Due to this, the taste of all these and their health benefits are different from each other.

Nutrients and properties of brown sugar: Delhi-based nutritionist Dr Divya Sharma explains that the consumption of brown sugar can be beneficial for health in many ways as compared to white sugar. Is. 

She says that nutrients and minerals like protein, vitamins, calcium, carbohydrates, zinc, copper, phosphorus and iron are found in abundance in it. At the same time, calories and fat are also very less in it. Apart from this, antimicrobial properties are also found in it.

Benefits of Brown Sugar: Dr. Divya says that using brown sugar in the diet, especially in beverages, can provide relief in digestive problems and many other problems as well. Especially it is considered very beneficial in reducing obesity, because the amount of calories in it is much less compared to white sugar. 

At the same time, jaggery present in it has many medicinal properties that benefit health. Therefore, by consuming it, the metabolic rate of the body increases rapidly and metabolic health is maintained. Apart from this, the consumption of brown sugar can provide many other benefits to health. Some of which are as follows.

During menstruation, the muscles of the uterus contract, due to which there is muscle spasm and pain. Brown sugar is rich in potassium. Which gives relief in muscle spasm and pain. In such a situation, women who complain of more pain in the stomach during this time, they can get a lot of relief by consuming hot water containing brown sugar.

Vitamins, especially vitamin B, are found in high amounts in brown sugar. Vitamin B helps in maintaining the health and beauty of the skin along with giving many types of health benefits. In such a situation, not only by consuming brown sugar but also by external use of products made from it or scrubs and face packs etc., not only does the skin become soft, shiny and healthy, while the effects of aging are also less visible on it.

In the prevention of seasonal infections like colds and colds or their prevention after their occurrence, consuming ginger and brown sugar mixed with hot water is very beneficial. The same people who have asthma or other types of respiratory problems, they should give preference to the use of brown sugar instead of normal white sugar, because the jaggery present in it gives great benefit in such problems.

Consumed in Controlled Quantity: Dr. Divya Sharma says that even though the use of brown sugar is more safe and beneficial than white sugar. But this does not mean that it can be consumed in excess quantity. Excessive consumption of brown sugar (Brown sugar precautions before use) can also harm health. 

Apart from this, many things are also prevalent among people about the use of brown sugar in various health conditions, such as diabetic patients can consume it comfortably or it is very beneficial for pregnant women.

Whether diabetic patients or pregnant women, the determination of the consumption or quantity of brown sugar to be consumed completely depends on their health condition. 

Especially diabetics should start using brown sugar only after consulting their doctor, that too in a very moderate amount. 

While brown sugar is undoubtedly the best and safest alternative to white sugar, pregnant women must also ask their doctor once before starting its consumption.

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