There Is A Trend Among People About This Coffee, What The Research Says About The Harm And Benefit


Like green tea, nowadays the trend among people regarding green coffee (Green coffee is the new trend) has started increasing a lot. Experts believe and it has been confirmed in many researches that many types of properties are found in this coffee made from green seeds of coffee, which can benefit health in many ways along with beauty. Huh. Green coffee benefits of green coffee.

We usually keep reading and hearing about the benefits and harms of common coffee. But did you know that coffee isn’t just brown! Green coffee i.e. coffee prepared from the green seeds of coffee is also being liked a lot by the people in the country and abroad nowadays. Experts believe and in some research it has also been confirmed that some such health benefits are found in green coffee which are not only helpful in reducing obesity but also diabetes, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s and Can help prevent and diagnose nervous system-related conditions and other problems. Green coffee benefits of green coffee. Green coffee is the new trend

What is Green Coffee: Before knowing about the benefits of Green Coffee, it is important to know what is Green Coffee. In fact, coffee seeds are roasted a lot to prepare brown coffee found in the market. After which their color turns brown. But the basic color of coffee seeds is green. Green coffee is actually made from unroasted coffee beans. Although doctors also believe that even though it is true in small amounts, due to the presence of caffeine in it, excessive consumption can also cause some problems.

What is the research called: Some studies and experiments have also been done in the country and abroad regarding the benefits of green coffee. In most of which it has been said that it has beneficial properties of health. Researchgate in the same series. A research related to dietology and nutrition on the net states that micronutrients, carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats are found in green coffee. Apart from this, natural antioxidant properties are also found in it. At the same time, in an information released by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, green coffee has also been described as having non-carcinogenic ie non-carcinogenic properties.

Apart from this, the properties of green coffee have been explained in detail in a research published on the website of National Center for Biotechnology Information. According to this research, anti-obesity properties are found in green coffee. This research also mentions a research done on rats, in whose findings it is believed that green coffee works to reduce weight as well as regulate fat cells and lipid metabolism. Research has also reported that chlorogenic acid is found in green coffee, which has hypoglycemic and anti-diabetic effects. It has also been mentioned in this research that it has neuroprotective properties that may help in diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, as well as improve concentration and improve mood. ,

What doctors say:Delhi-based dietician and nutritionist Dr Divya Sharma says that green coffee is the original and natural form of coffee, so it has relatively high antioxidant properties. She says that in order to prepare the common coffee found in the market, first the coffee grains are roasted well. Apart from this, some other processes are adopted to prepare coffee. Due to which the amount of natural elements found in coffee seeds is relatively less or completely eliminated. Chlorogenic acid is found in the green seeds of coffee, which has antioxidant properties in abundance. Anti-oxidant properties help to keep our skin and hair healthy and healthy, from enhancing beauty to keeping health healthy and protecting it from many types of diseases and conditions. Apart from this, such properties and elements are also found in it which are beneficial for diabetes, Helps to protect against problems like high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Apart from this, chlorogenic acid is also beneficial in maintaining our metabolic health.

Disadvantages: She says that although it contains much less amount of caffeine than normal coffee, but still it is very important that it should be consumed in a very controlled and balanced amount. Consuming it in high amounts can sometimes cause adverse effects on the body such as upset stomach, irritable bowel syndrome or other problems caused by the effects of caffeine. Apart from this, due to the presence of caffeine in small amounts but lactating women should avoid its consumption.

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