Whatsapp Feature: Delete For Everyone Facility To Admin To Avoid Objectionable Messages


The new group admin feature has arrived on the WhatsApp messaging platform, which allows group admins to delete messages for everyone. WhatsApp group admin can delete any message. new feature whatsapp allows group admin to delete for everyone .

San Francisco: A new feature has arrived on the Meta-owned messaging platform WhatsApp, which will give group admins the ability to delete messages for everyone. 

A few days ago, the platform released a new update through the Google Play beta program, which is bringing the version up to and allows group admins to delete for everyone. 

Now group admin (WhatsApp group admin) can delete any message for everyone. New feature whatsapp allows group admin to delete for everyone.

According to the report, if you are a group admin and you try to delete the incoming message and you see the option ‘Delete for everyone for group admin’, then it means that Group admin has the facility of delete for everyone. 

When you delete a message sent by another group participant to everyone, others can always see (WhatsApp privacy feature) that you deleted the message because your name appears in the chat bubble.

Recently, the platform banned over 22 lakh objectionable accounts in India in the month of June in compliance with the new IT Rules, 2021. It banned more than 19 lakh objectionable accounts in the country in May. 

The messaging platform received 632 complaints and ‘action’ accounts within the country in June. (WhatsApp new feature)

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