Magsaysay Award To Cambodian Psychiatrist, Japanese Ophthalmologist


The Ramon Magsaysay Award 2022, called Asia’s Nobel Prize, will be awarded to Cambodian psychiatrist Sothiara Chime, besides Japan’s ophthalmologist Tadashi Hatori. He will be presented this award on 30 November in Manila.

Manila: Sotheara Chhim, a Cambodian psychiatrist treating persecuted victims under the Khmer Rouge regime, and Tadashi Hattori, a Japanese ophthalmologist treating thousands of villagers in Vietnam, won this year’s Ramon Magsaysay Awards. Magsaysay Awards) include: This award is also called the Nobel Prize of Asia. 

Other recipients of the award include Philippine pediatrician Bernadette Madrid, who has provided medical, legal and social assistance to thousands of abused children and their families. 

Apart from these, there is a French environmental activist Gary Bencheghib who has made efforts to clean up plastic pollution in Indonesian rivers.

The annual awards, announced on Wednesday, were named after a Philippine president who died in a 1957 plane crash. This award is given to those people who have rendered selfless service to the people of Asia. 

These awards will be presented on 30 November in Manila. Aurelio Montinola III, President of the Prize Foundation, said, ‘The winners have faced many challenges and have done such work that is inspiring.’

Cambodian psychiatrist Sothiara Chhim (54) has treated thousands of people and other patients persecuted during the brutal Khmer Rouge regime in her country since she became executive director of her ‘transcultural psychosocial organization’ in 2002, the foundation said. 

He became a psychiatrist after years of war and devoted his life to the treatment of people. He worked especially in rural communities. He said that there should be ‘mental health workers’ in rural areas.

Japanese ophthalmologist Tadashi Hatori (58) was awarded the prize for training local doctors. These doctors have treated thousands of Vietnamese people. 

The foundation said Hatori had decided to become a doctor at the age of 15, when his father, who was suffering from cancer, was undergoing treatment at a hospital. 

He said that during a visit to the Vietnamese capital Hanoi in 2002, Hattori saw how people were becoming blind due to lack of ophthalmologists and lack of adequate facilities.

The foundation said it then began raising funds, training specialists and donating equipment to local hospitals. “With just one eye fixed, it would have been possible for someone to go to school or go back to work,” Hatori said. Officials associated with the award said that in the Philippines, where child abuse has long been a problem due to poverty, child labor and trafficking, pediatrician Bernadette Madrid (64) has helped to increase social awareness and help policy makers and citizens by treating people. The groups worked towards drawing attention to the issue.

He has been the head of the country’s first child protection center at the Philippine General Hospital in Manila since 1997. This center has served more than 27,000 children over the last year. The award has been announced for Madrid for its multi-sectoral, multi-disciplinary effort in child protection, the Prize Foundation said. The foundation said France’s Gary Bencheghib (27) became a “warrior” against plastic pollution on the Indonesian resort island of Bali.

He started cleaning a beach at the age of 14 as part of a project with his sister, brother and friends. He has been given the award for his efforts to clean up Indonesia’s polluted waterways. Benacheghib later began filmmaking in New York and produced over a hundred videos on plastic pollution and environmental protection, which have been viewed by millions on YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms.

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