Worrying For America To Practice Any Country With Russia: White House


White House press secretary Jean-Pierre told reporters on an Air Force One plane, “Any country doing exercises with Russia is worrying for the US, because Russia has waged an unprovoked war against Ukraine, but every participating country has to You have to decide for yourself and I leave it to them.

Washington: The White House has said that it is worrying for it to practice any other country with Russia which is waging an unprovoked and barbaric war with Ukraine. 

The White House said this in response to a question asked about the military exercise ‘Vostok 2022’ of many countries to be held in Russia from September 1 to 7. 

India and China are also participating in this military exercise. This is the first large-scale exercise to be held in Russia since waging war against Ukraine.

White House Press Secretary Jean Pierre told reporters on the Air Force One plane, “Any country doing exercises with Russia is worrying for America, because Russia has unprovoked against Ukraine.”

The war has been waged, but each participating country has to decide for itself and I leave it to them. When Pierre was asked why there is no pressure on India, he said, “My point about this is that Russia has waged a war unnecessarily, so it is worrying for any country to practice with it.”

The journalist asked the press secretary whether America has taken any action in this regard or is it planning any kind, he said, I have nothing to tell about this.

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