These Big Changes From Today Will Affect Your Pocket


The first date of every month brings with it many changes. Starting from today, the first day of the month of September, the burden of your pocket has increased even more. From traveling on the highway to buying land, it has become expensive. Apart from this, major changes have also been made in the rules of NPS.

New Delhi: The month of September has started from today and many changes are being implemented from the first date. Let us tell you, from the price of gas cylinder to banking rules, many changes will be seen. 

Apart from this, the new month is going to affect your pocket. Actually, from toll tax to buying land, now you have to loose more pockets. Let us know what special changes have happened since September 1.

1- Cut in LPG Prices On
the first of every month, petroleum companies change the prices of LPG. This time also the companies have changed the prices on the first date. LPG prices have been cut by Rs 100. 

These deductions were made on the prices of commercial LPG cylinders. On September 1, the prices of 19 kg commercial cylinder of 1 Indane in Delhi will get cheaper by Rs 91.50, in Kolkata by Rs 100, in Mumbai by Rs 92.50, in Chennai by Rs 96.

LPG price cut

2- More money will have to be paid on toll tax,
if you go to and from Delhi via Yamuna Expressway, then from today you will have to pay more toll tax. As per the new hike effective from September 1, the rate of toll tax for cars, jeeps, vans and other light motor vehicles has been increased from Rs 2.50 per km to 2.65 km. That is, there has been an increase of 10 paise per kilometer. 

Toll tax for light commercial vehicles, light goods vehicles or mini buses has been increased from Rs 3.90 per km to Rs 4.15 per km. Toll rate for bus or truck has been increased from Rs 7.90 per km to Rs 8.45 per km.

Will have to pay more money on toll tax

3- A shock to the insurance agents,
IRDAI has made a big change in the rules of general insurance. Now the insurance agent will get 20 percent less commission instead of 30 to 35 percent. 

Due to this, where the agents have got a setback, then there will be a reduction in the amount of premium of the people, which will be a big relief. The rule of change of commission will be applicable from 2022.

Insurance agents shocked

4- Deadline for PNB KYC Updates Over
Punjab National Bank was asking its customers to update KYC (Know Your Customers) for a long time. The deadline for updating KYC updates is over from today. 

To complete this work, the bank has fixed 31 August 2022 as the last date. The bank has clearly said that if you have not done KYC, if you have not done this work, then contact your branch immediately.

PNB KYC Updates Deadline Over

5- Major changes in the rules of NPS

Major changes in NPS rules

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