Eye Diseases: These Eye Symptoms Will Have To Be Taken Lightly, Take These Precautions


Our eyes introduce us to the world. It is considered common to have problems in the eyes in increasing age, but sometimes some disease or condition can also be responsible for problems in the eyes. Experts believe that whatever be the reason, they should not be ignored at all when they see the symptoms of cataract, otherwise the problem can be serious and can also cause blindness at times. Eye diseases cataract symptoms causes blindness

Our eyes are that part of our body which introduces us to the whole world. But sometimes due to increasing age, some diseases or other reasons, our eyesight and their health can also be affected. Even if the problem progresses or if the problem is ignored, sometimes the eyesight can also go away. Cataract is also one such problem. The symptoms of which usually start when people are more than 50 years of age. Eye diseases cataract symptoms causes blindness.

Cataract types: Cataract is a problem in which due to increasing age, any disease or condition, the natural transparent lens of the eye becomes opaque which acts as an image in the eyes so that we can see clearly. Therefore, when this lens starts becoming opaque, people start seeing less clearly, due to which the vision starts becoming blurry and sometimes double. According to the data available on various websites, the eyesight of about 8 million people in India becomes weak, blurred or double due to cataract. Apart from this, about half of the population of 60 years of age is suffering from this problem. At the same time, 80% of people over the age of 70 have a problem of cataract in at least one eye.

Delhi-based ophthalmologist Dr Abhishek Singh (Dr Abhishek Singh, Ophthalmologist, Delhi) says that it is necessary to get the eyes examined as soon as the cataract starts. Usually, people do not take the loss of vision or blurred vision very seriously in the beginning. This is the period when cataracts are beginning. If treatment is started on time in this stage, then in most cases laser treatment or surgery can stop the problem from progressing. But if the problem is ignored, as its severity increases, the lens of the eye can be completely damaged, which can be very difficult to treat. Even at times, due to this, the problem of blindness also occurs in people.

Dr. Abhishek Singh explains that it is very common to have problems of glaucoma, black cataract, and cataract, usually in the elderly. In these, a white membrane or cloud-like structure begins to form on the natural lens of the eye in cataract. Due to which the occurrence of cataract is detected relatively early. If it is detected in the early stages, it can be stopped from growing with the help of laser, surgery and medicines. But glaucoma is kept in the category of more complex problem. Actually, due to glaucoma, the optic nerve of the eye gets damaged. Which connects our retina to the brain. Usually, more cases are reported in people over 65 years of age. Glaucoma does not only cause problems like weakness or blurring of vision, but sometimes there is also a problem of dryness in the eye, sometimes watery or headache.

Cataract causes and symptoms: Doctor Abhishek explains that no matter what type of cataract, aging is a big reason for it. But apart from this, there may be some reasons which can be considered responsible for the occurrence of this problem or for increasing its severity. some of which are as follows



Obesity and high blood pressure

Bruising or swelling of the eye

Sometimes this problem can also occur due to some kind of eye surgery.

Smoking or drinking too much etc.

Dr. Abhishek, Ophthalmologist explains that at the onset of cataract, people’s vision often starts to become blurred, eyesight starts getting weak, while sometimes people start seeing double i.e. double vision. As the problem progresses gradually, the eyesight starts to weaken quickly, due to which sometimes the number of glasses of the victim also changes very quickly. Apart from this, due to cataract, there are symptoms like blindness or diffusion of light in the eyes from the light coming from the front while driving at night, problem opening or seeing in the sun during the day or sometimes trouble in understanding colors. can come to the fore.

Right time checkup and treatment is necessary:Dr Abhishek explains that whether it is elderly, adult or child, any type of problem in the eyes should not be ignored. Especially in case of cataract, eye examination and treatment should be done by the doctor as soon as possible. Apart from this, efforts should be made to maintain the health of the eyes from the very beginning. For which along with adopting a healthy diet, it is very important to take regular care of the eyes, exercise them and get them checked regularly. He explains that in normal condition, after the age of 40, it is very important to get the eyes examined at regular intervals, which can get information about not only cataracts but also other types of problems occurring in the eyes in time. Especially for people who have diabetes, obesity or other types of diseases, regular eye examination is very important for them.

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