Hepatitis Only 2 Out Of 5 Is Dangerous, Precautions Are Also Necessary With Vaccination


Not all types of hepatitis are fatal. Dr. GS Rama, Bangalore explains that it is very important to prevent all types of vaccines and some precautions should be taken on priority in their life. Apart from Hepatitis B, in other types of this disease, if treatment is started by knowing the symptoms of the disease at the right time, then this disease can be got rid of. Hepatitis symptoms life threatening disease hepatitis types . Hepatitis B , hepatitis C , Acute hepatitis , Chronic hepatitis .

People all over the world know Hepatitis disease as a deadly disease. Hepatitis B and hepatitis C are both classified as serious diseases worldwide. Hepatitis B and hepatitis C are also considered to be life-threatening diseases because if the patient is not treated at the right time, they have the potential to affect the liver to such a degree that it can lead to cancer, liver cirrhosis and even liver failure. The risk of developing life-threatening diseases like cirrhosis and liver failure can increase and the victim’s life can also be lost. Apart from Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C, there are other types of Hepatitis. Which do not come under the category of relatively more serious diseases.

Although it is a virus-borne disease, some conditions related to it can sometimes arise due to lifestyle and drinking too much alcohol. Giving detailed information about Hepatitis to ETV Bharat Sukhibhav, Dr. GS Rama, Bangalore-based Stomach Disease Specialist, explains that it is very important to prevent Hepatitis B and C including all its types. That along with getting the vaccine, some precautions should also be adopted in your life with priority.

Chronic and acute hepatitis: Dr GS Rama explains that on the basis of severity, hepatitis is classified into two categories: acute hepatitis and chronic hepatitis. In these, in Acute hepatitis, the virus that grows due to consumption of contaminated food and contaminated water and surrounding dirt infects the liver. Due to which there is severe inflammation in the liver. Hepatitis A and E are kept in the category of acute hepatitis. These infections usually get cured in some time with medicines and precautions.

Wherein in chronic hepatitis the immune system of the victim gets severely affected. The virus of this type of hepatitis can remain in the victim’s body for a long time, causing considerable damage to their liver. Even the risk of serious diseases like liver failure, liver cirrhosis and even liver cancer increases. In this condition, if the patient is not given proper attention or proper treatment, the patient may even die.

Dr. GS Rama explains that hepatitis B and C are kept in the category of chronic hepatitis. Chronic hepatitis is also called the silent killer because by the time the patient shows symptoms, his liver has already been affected to a great extent. On the other hand, talking about hepatitis D, it is considered a virus that has no or no independent effect. It needs the help of the hepatitis B virus to survive. Therefore, the effect of hepatitis D virus is seen only in people who are already infected with hepatitis B.

Symptoms: Dr GS Rama explains that although some symptoms may be similar in all types of hepatitis, because the liver is affected in all. Although some symptoms may vary according to the type of hepatitis. At the same time, the time of their appearance in the patient can also be different. Some of the common symptoms seen in all types of hepatitis are as follows.

Stomach ache

Loss of appetite

Change in urine color

Weakness and fatigue

Sudden weight loss

Jaundice-like symptoms, etc.

It is important to take precautions: Dr. GS Rama explains that apart from getting vaccinated for Hepatitis C, there are other things that can be taken care of to prevent different types of hepatitis. Some of which are as follows.

Always keep in mind that a previously used needle is not being used while giving injections or getting a tattoo done.

It is very important to take care of food and cleanliness and cleanliness around you.

Do not use someone else’s razor or toothbrush.

Always take care of safety and hygiene while having a physical relationship, and avoid unprotected sex.

Always give priority to fresh, nutritious and balanced diet.

Avoid consumption of contaminated water.

Never make alcohol an addiction.

He says that even if the symptoms mentioned in a person are seen in mild form, then they should not be ignored at all and should be immediately examined by the doctor. Apart from this, the treatment of hepatitis should never be left in the middle.

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