Tomato Flu Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease Is A New Form Of HFMD, The Ministry Of Health Gave This Advice


New Delhi: In India, the disease of tomato flu is increasing slowly, but experts said that there is no need to worry about this disease. Dr. Anil Agarwal, financial secretary of the Indian Medical Association (IMA), eminent health expert and financial secretary, while talking to Newsnol Media said that people should not worry about this hand, foot and mouth disease. Needless to. He said that like other influenza, tomato flu is the same. People should not be worried about this. For this they should only take precaution and consult doctors if any symptoms are found. We should treat tomato flu like all other common flu.

What is tomato flu: Tomato flu is a contagious disease. Its symptoms get better after a few days. The disease is a clinical variant of the so-called hand foot mouth disease which is common among school going children. Infants and young children can also spread this infection through the use of nappies, touching unclean surfaces as well as putting things directly in the mouth. Sanitation of surrounding objects and the environment as well as preventing the infected child from sharing toys, clothing, food or other objects with other non-infected children. This disease mainly occurs in children below 10 years of age. Some studies suggest that tomato flu fever may be an aftereffects of chikungunya or dengue fever in children. It only requires treatment. It can happen to adults too.

In this regard, renowned health expert and President of Asian Society of Emergency Medicine Dr. Tamorish Kole said that tomato flu is a new form of hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD). form, which is usually caused by the Coxsackie virus. Due to this, small red spots of 4-6 mm are formed on the skin, inside which bubbles are formed with fluid. He said that the spots usually appear on the hands, feet and body and in young children they spread through contact. The health ministry said that the treatment of tomato flu is similar to that of other viral infections such as isolation, rest, plenty of fluids and warm water sponges to relieve irritation and congestion. The health ministry also suggested to states and union territories that throat or stool samples may be sent to a laboratory for testing to isolate the disease-causing virus, which may take 2-4 years to obtain laboratory results. May take weeks. The ministry further clarified that the tomato flu virus is not related to COVID-19, monkeypox, dengue or chikungunya at all. The Health Ministry said, ‘In fact, recent reports suggested that it belongs to the Coxsackie A 17 tHat group of enteroviruses.’

Symptoms of Tomato Flu In
this disease, red colored blisters or blisters appear on the body which are painful, hence it is called tomato flu. According to the study, although the disease is not fatal, but given the alarming experience of the Kovid-19 epidemic, careful management is necessary to prevent its outbreak. Symptoms like fever, fatigue, body aches and rashes can also appear in this virus like Kovid. Joint pain is also a symptom in tomato flu. Like other viral infections, the disease presents with fatigue, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, dehydration, joint swelling, body aches and common influenza-like symptoms. A day or two after the onset of fever, small red spots appear, which turn into blisters and then ulcers.

cases of tomato flu in india
Tomato flu was first identified in Kerala’s Kollam district on May 6, and by July, the infection had been confirmed in more than 82 children under five years of age by local government hospitals. Apart from this, Anchal, Aryankavu, Neduvathur areas of Kerala are also affected by this disease. This disease has been confirmed in 26 children (1-9 years) in Odisha by the Regional Medical Research Center located at Bhubaneswar. So far, apart from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Haryana and Odisha, the disease has not been confirmed in any other state and union territory of India. An alert has been issued in Himachal regarding Tomato Flu (Tomato Flu Alert In Himachal). The Health Department has instructed all the District Collectors and Health Officers to be alert. However, no case of tomato flu has been reported in Himachal so far.

Indian health ministry advisory
Meanwhile, the Union Health Ministry has asked all states to remain vigilant against hand-foot-and-mouth disease (commonly known as ‘tomato flu’). The Health Ministry on Tuesday issued an advisory to the states and union territories with 12 points of preventive measures. In its advisory issued to the states, the Health Ministry has suggested to avoid immediate contact with the infected person. Along with this, the ministry has also told the steps to make children aware about the disease. The health ministry said, ‘Tell your children about the signs and symptoms and its helpful effects. Always use warm water while cleaning the skin or taking a bath. The ministry clarified that at present there is no antiviral drug or vaccine available for the treatment or prevention of tomato flu.

Take these measures for
prevention The best way to prevent tomato flu is proper hygiene (Tomato Flu Treatment). Along with keeping the surrounding essential items and the environment clean, the sharing of toys, clothes, food and other items of the infected child with non-infected children should be avoided. There are some essential preventive measures, which should be kept in mind. For example, avoid coming in immediate contact with an infected person. Tell your child about the symptoms and side effects of this disease, tell your child not to hug or touch children with fever or rash.

Tell these things to
children Apart from this, children should be encouraged to maintain cleanliness and stop the habit of thumb or finger sucking. In case of runny nose or coughing, encourage the child to use handkerchief (Tomato Flu in India). Do not scratch or rub the blister and wash your hands with soap every time you touch these blisters. Children should try to keep them hydrated by motivating them to drink plenty of water, milk or juice, whatever they like. Eating a nutrient-rich, balanced diet is essential to boosting immunity, getting enough rest and sleep is essential to promote healing.

Do not panic, avoid rumors,
NHM MD Hemraj Bairwa (NHM, MD) told that people should not be afraid and avoid misleading rumours. He asked everyone to be alert and alert and aware (Tomato Flu In Himachal). He said that on seeing the symptoms of this disease, contact the nearest health center. So that it should be treated in time, so that it does not spread to anyone else (tomato flu health ministry advisory).

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