World’s First Wireless Earbuds With Led Touchscreen Launched, Led Touch Screen Earbuds Can Be Customized


Dave Rogers, President of Harman Lifestyle Division said, “I am delighted with what we have created, especially the JBL Tour Pro 2 Smart Charging Case. The JBL wireless LED touch screen earbuds launch. is world first in earbuds category.

New Delhi: Global audio company JBL has launched the world’s first wireless earbuds with 1.45-inch smart charging case and immersive spatial sound earbuds. Users can manage music, customize earbuds, call, message and social media without touching the smartphone by tapping on the LED touch display on the JBL Tour Pro 2 earbuds. Notifications can be received in real time. World first wireless LED touch screen earbuds. JBL led earbuds

Dave Rogers, President of Harman Lifestyle Division, said, “I am delighted with what we have created, especially the JBL Tour Pro 2 Smart Charging Case. In our pursuit of new user-centric features, we haven’t overlooked the essentials, however, we continue to enhance the audio experience.” If you need to make calls, the 6 mic design will ensure crystal clear audio on the wireless earbuds that cost 249 Euros.

The earbuds provide 40 hours of total music playback. The company also launched the JBL Tour One M2 headphones which will cost 299 euros in the European market. “The JBL Tour One M2 features the best ever Hybrid True Adaptive ANC with JBL Pro-Tune drivers to fill your ears with just the best of music, whether at work or at home,” the company said. ” It offers up to 50 hours of playtime or up to 30 hours of ANC activation. “Fast charge means 10 minutes plugged in and you’ll be free to enjoy 5 hours of great JBL Pro sound,” the company said.

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