It becomes difficult for the user to identify which website is real and which is fake (Fake Websites). If you are also facing this problem, let’s see how to identify fake websites (Identify Fake Websites In Google).Raipur – In today’s digital world, we are doing all kinds of work online. Data transfer or receipt or any other form of verification. We upload a lot of our personal information online. Like pan card details or our photos etc. If the website is not checked before doing this, our information may also be misused. Many times it has been observed that when a person searches something on Google, many types of websites ( Identify Fake Websites In Google ) come in front of him. In such a situation, it becomes difficult for the user to identify which website is real and which is fake (Fake Websites). A VERY EASY WAY TO IDENTIFY FAKE WEBSITES ON Google GET GOOGLE’S HELP – Google Safe Browsing Transparency Report helps you a lot in identifying real and fake web addresses. By going here, all you have to do is paste the web address and Google will scan and tell you if the web address is real or not. SSL Certificate – When you open a website on Google, look to see if it has an SSL certificate. Actually, an SSL certificate means that if you don’t see a lock symbol next to https on any website, don’t open that website because these websites are not secure. If you are a good website, you should click on it because you don’t know how to put effort into creating a website. Check the URL carefully – just having “HTTPS” written or a pad lock symbol is not enough, look carefully. Sometimes fake websites use some extra words or symbols to make it look real. At first glance, you may not catch this, so it is important that you read the entire website carefully. Redirect – If you open a website on Google, but that website redirects you to another website, then you need to be careful because such website is fake. may be Attractive offers – Be wary of websites on Google that offer you attractive offers. Actually, this website attracts more people by offering attractive offers. But actually they don’t offer anything, but steal your data and cheat people.


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