Bhind: Shivraj’s Minister Clarified On Caste Statement From Stage, Congress’s Challenge – Will Bjp Remove Bhadauria?


The leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party are in discussion these days for making statements on castes more than development works, whether it is former BJP leader Pritam Lodhi, state vice-president Mukesh Chaudhary or Shivraj government minister OPS Bhadauria. Leaders are seen making rhetoric on caste politics from an open platform. (MP Minister OPS Bhadauria Statement) (OPS Bhadauria controversial statement) (Bhind Congress Challenge)

Bhind. A statement of Shivraj government minister OPS Bhadauria is becoming increasingly viral. He is seen speaking about the intellectual community and caste people in the program of Kshatriya Samaj. Minister OPS Bhadauria told ETV India about his viral video that, the statement he gave. Different meanings have been drawn from it, political opponents have given a different direction to that statement. They never make statements that hurt the sentiments of any society. He said that he not only has respect for the Brahmin society, but has always had reverence in his heart. This faith always was, is and always will be in the future.

Congress’s taunt: Now the Congress did not shy away from taking a jibe at the minister’s statement and then the cleanliness, Dr. Anil Bhardwaj, a former colleague of OPS Bhadauria who was in Congress, says that the Bharatiya Janata Party used to talk about Hindutva earlier, but some It is seen from the time that these people have come down on caste politics. Referring to Bisen, Pritam Lodhi, state vice president Mukesh Chaudhary and now state minister OPS Bhadauria, he said that the caste statement given by the minister is a statement that breaks the country. Anil Bhardwaj said that this is the reason behind Congress’s Bharat Jodo Yatra because BJP is continuously spreading disharmony in the society. That is why Congress is doing the work of uniting the country.

Scindia supporters are cheating on him: Dr. Anil Bhardwaj also made a statement about Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia He said that Minister OPS Bhadauria is a supporter of Scindia, Scindia had betrayed the Congress but today his own people try to cheat him. are working. The party whose person he is talking about helping is a staunch opponent of Scindia, although the Congress only benefits from this. Now consider Scindia, what are those who supported him.

Statements of these BJP leaders who were in the headlines: One after the other the statements of the BJP leaders remain in the headlines. Some time ago, Pritam Lodhi had commented on the Brahmin society from an open platform, after which he was expelled from the party. After this, BJP state vice-president Mukesh Chaudhary gave a statement to the public in the Dussehra program at Bhind’s Lahar that every year we try, but Ravana is not dying. It is believed that in this statement, he compared Ravana to the Leader of the Opposition Dr. Govind Singh, who is becoming a Lahar MLA for 7 consecutive times. Now Minister OPS Bhadauria was recently seen talking about bringing the rule of Kshatriyas on the whole earth in the program of Kshatriya Samaj in Gwalior, even in his statement he even said that “the leader of Kshatriya Samaj should be in any party, It is our political and social duty to support him.”

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