Due To Heavy Rains In Faridabad, The Paddy Kept In The Grain Market Deteriorated, The Feeders Got Upset


Heavy rain in Faridabad (HEAVY RAIN IN Faridabad) has become a disaster for the grain market. Hundreds of tonnes of paddy kept in the open here got wet and spoiled. The rains not only ruined the paddy of the farmers, but also exposed the arrangements of the administration.

Faridabad: Due to heavy rains in Faridabad, adjacent to Delhi, farmers have faced the most problems. The crops that came for sale in the market were also wet due to rain. At the same time, the farmer is also upset after seeing the grains soaked in the rain. The farmers tried to protect the paddy from getting drenched by rain by covering it with tarpaulin etc., but it got wet due to the rain water going down the heaps. Today’s rain has ruined the efforts of the farmers.

In fact, there is a shortage of tinsheds in the Faridabad grain market, due to which the paddy kept in the open got spoiled by getting wet in the rain (Rain Damages Paddy Crop in Faridabad). Farmers said that we are forced to dry our paddy in the open. In the rain all our paddy which was put to dry got wet and we have suffered a lot. The reason for this is that the government has started late purchases, due to which we farmers are suffering. If the government had started procurement of paddy on time, the farmers would have benefited. This time the farmer, who is facing double whammy, is now worried whether this soaked grain will be bought by the government or not.

Lakhanpal, a farmer from Ballabgarh, who arrived with his paddy in the mandi, said that we farmers are facing a lot of loss due to the rains. Soaked paddy in the field gets thawed in the field itself. After this, the remaining paddy reaches the market with it. Here whose paddy is in the shed, it is saved but the paddy kept open gets spoiled. We farmers are not getting proper price for this paddy. No one even buys it. He said that I have brought 1509 paddy. More than half of the paddy has moisture. The reason is that it has been raining for the last several days. Due to this moisture has come in the paddy. The farmer has been badly hit due to the rain.

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