Patanjali’s Car Filling Up With Red And Blue Lights, Flouting The Rules


In Haridwar these days, a car fitted with red and blue lights is making a ruckus on the highway. Police is also written on this car. After extracting the information from the car numbers, this car has been found registered in the name of Patanjali. Perhaps this is the reason why even the traffic police and CPU are not able to bother to stop.

Haridwar : The police standing at the square intersections in the city challans many people who are driving vehicles without helmets and without papers. The challaning police says that they are following the rules, but in Haridwar for the last few days, a private vehicle of Patanjali is seen running on the roads flouting the rules and regulations, but dare to stop it. Maybe a policeman can’t. However, now the Transport Department is talking about taking action.

Let us tell you that the traffic police and CPU are seen standing at all the intersections of Haridwar and challaning hundreds of them every day in the name of following the rules, but on Saturday, a white car with red and blue lights on the same police on the highway. She was seen running in front of her eyes, but no one bothered to stop her and did not even understand the need to ask why the light has been installed on the private vehicle and how is the police written on it?

Red and blue lights cannot be put on private vehicles: It should be noted that usually red and blue lights are on the government vehicle of the police, but along with the lights on this private car, the police was also written. It was clear from this that the car must have a connection with the police, but according to the rules, red and blue lights cannot be installed on a private vehicle.

Vehicle registered in the name of Patanjali: Some aware citizens aware of this rule made photos and videos of this car from their mobiles. People also raised questions on this on social media. When the number written on this vehicle was inquired about, it was found that the vehicle is registered in the name of Patanjali and not in the name of any police officer.

What did the officer say? Haridwar SP City Swatantra Kumar says that there is no information about the matter. It will be investigated. On the other hand, ARTO Ratnakar Singh says that such lights cannot be installed on private vehicles. Taking information about this car, action will be taken as per rules.

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