Raipur Police Issued Advisory Regarding Cheating In The Name Of 5G Network


These days the cases of cyber fraud have increased a lot. After the launch of 5G network, cyber thugs have got another opportunity to entice people. These thugs are trying to cheat people by sending messages to convert 4G to 5G. At present, no such case has been reported in Chhattisgarh. But the Raipur Police has issued an advisory asking people to be alert. cheating in name of 5G network

Raipur: 5G network has started in many big cities of the country. Thugs have also started cheating regarding 5G network. In such a situation, people have to be careful and alert, otherwise, along with sending thug links to convert 4G sim to 5G, there is no lag behind in carrying out the incident of fraud by luring people in other ways. Airtel has launched its 5G service in eight major cities of the country. With this, Reliance Jio has started beta testing of 5G services in 4 major cities of the country. If we talk about Raipur or Chhattisgarh, till now the police have not received any complaint of any kind of fraud in the name of 5G network. But it is definitely necessary that in view of the possibilities of being cheated in the name of 5G network, the police have definitely issued an advisory. cheating in name of 5G network

No case of cheating was registered in Chhattisgarh regarding 5G network: City Additional SP Abhishek Maheshwari said that “After the launch of 5G network in the country, cyber fraudsters are cheating in its name. But If we talk about Chhattisgarh or Raipur, then till now no complaint of any kind of fraud has been registered in the name of 5G network. When the call comes, there is a need to be careful and alert with it. So that people can avoid the incident of such fraud”.

Fraud of converting SIM to 5G by sending a link: Raipur SSP Prashant Agarwal said about 5G network that “Thugs who carry out cybercrime incidents are carrying out fraud incidents in different ways. Recently 5G network After the beginning of the launch, some people who have been cheated by sending messages in the name of converting 4G network to 5G network as well as sending links in the name of processing have carried out the incident of fraud. Appeal to all the people is that Be careful and cautious of such links or phone calls. If you want to convert 4G network to 5G, then as per normal procedure your SIM can be converted to 5G by talking to the operator of the concerned company. Without any unknown link Do not click on check”.

5G network launch of Airtel and Reliance Jio: Airtel has launched its 5G service in 8 major cities of the country. In which Delhi Mumbai Chennai Bangalore Hyderabad Siliguri Nagpur and Varanasi. Airtel’s 5G Plus service is also available to customers in these places. Along with this, Reliance Jio has also started beta testing of 5G services in 4 big cities of the country, and people are getting excited and eager to try the speed of 5G network on their phones.

Cyber ​​criminals get the details by sending the link: Cyber ​​criminals are sending the link to fraud with the customers, in which the mobile holder has been asked to upgrade from 4G network to 5G network. People are also clicking on this link with enthusiasm thinking that it is an official message, but in reality through this link, cyber criminals are not only hacking the phone, but also stealing the phone’s data. . Once such a link is clicked, the criminal or the thug who has committed the incident of cybercrime can easily find out the phone number associated with the bank account. Apart from this, along with blocking the phone number, they are also swapping the SIM and people are losing their own mobile SIM. In which both time and money are being spent.”

People’s enthusiasm about 5G network, cyber criminals are taking advantage of this: Cybercrime expert Monali Guha says about the incident of fraud in the name of 5G network in some states of the country, “At present, almost everyone Excited to convert mobile sim to 5G. Taking advantage of this, cyber criminals are continuously committing such fraud. Complaints of fraud have been seen in the name of 5G network in many states. But 5G network in some states People have been cheated in the name of K, but the complaint has not reached the police. The criminals who cheated by sending links along with SMS, WhatsApp and social media pretend to convert mobile sim from 4G to 5G. Email One can cheat by taking all personal information including ID and registered mobile number. In such a situation, there is a need to be alert and careful.

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