Fruits And Vegetables Price In Delhi


There is a fluctuation in the price of vegetables and fruits every day. Let us know what are the rates of fruits and vegetables in Azadpur Mandi of Delhi.

New Delhi: The ever-increasing inflation in the capital Delhi, including the entire country, has put additional burden on the pocket of the common man. The problem for the people suffering from inflation is what to eat. Along with cereals, pulses and oil, the prices of vegetables and fruits are also increasing day by day, which has increased the problems of the common man. There is a change in the prices of vegetables and fruits every day. What is the rate of fruits and vegetables in Azadpur Mandi of Delhi. Let’s know-

rates of vegetables-

vegetable namesunitlowest pricemax price
potatoper kg30 rupees40 rupees
Onionper kg20 rupeesRs 35
Cauliflowerper kg80 rupeesRs 100
tomatoper kg55 rupees70 rupees
spinachper kg80 rupeesRs 100
brinjalper kgRs 4565 rupees
cabbageper kgRs 4555 rupees
Pumpkinper kg25 rupeesRs 35
zucchiniper kgRs 4565 rupees
ladyfingerper kg40 rupees60 rupees
Bitter gourdper kg30 rupees40 rupees
Gourdper kgRs 3560 rupees
Jackfruitper kg40 rupees70 rupees
Capsicumper kg65 rupees80 rupees
Lemonper kg80 rupeesRs 110
Gingerper kg90 rupeesRs 110
garlicper kgRs 100Rs 110
Arabicper kgRs 4560 rupees

Fruit prices-

names of fruitsunitmarket priceretail priceShopping Mall
apple Washingtonper kg/per piece140161-178168-231
apple shimlaper kg/per piece100115-127120-165
apple greenper kg/per piece170196-216204-281
avocadoper kg/per piece190219-241228-314
banana morrisper kg/per piece2326-2928-38
Banana Regularper kg/per piece4552-5754-74
muskmelonper kg/per piece2529-3230-41
Custard appleper kg/per piece6271-7974-102
Grapes (Black)per kg/per piece6069-7672-99
Grapes (Green)per kg/per piece7384-9388-120
Lycheeper kg/per piece210242-267252-347
Ripeper kg/per piece124143-157149-205
Mango (Unripe)per kg/per piece149171-189179-246
Orangeper kg/per piece6271-7974-102
Orange Importedper kg/per piece7384-9388-120
Pomegranateper kg/per piece140161-178168-231
Pineappleper kg/per piece4046-5148-66
Sapotaper kg/per piece4956-6259-81
watermelonper kg/per piece2326-2928-38

Not only the customers but the shopkeepers are equally upset due to the rising prices of fruits and vegetables. Customers are worried that how and in what quantity they should buy fruits and vegetables in this inflation so that its impact on their budget is minimal, while the shopkeepers are worried that they are facing losses due to low sales.

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