Mp Damoh Food Poisoning: About Two Dozen Sick After Eating Adulterated Mawa Laddoos On The Night Of Sharad Purnima


In Damoh, about two dozen people fell ill after eating contaminated laddus, who were hurriedly admitted to the district hospital late on Sunday night. The case is of adulterated mawa. This mawa is coming from Bhind and Morena districts. There is a continuous inflow of poisonous mawa from there. Questions are constantly raised on the functioning of the Food Department, but the illegal mawa business is going on unabated. (MP Damoh Food Poisoning) (Two dozen fell ill) (Adulterated mawa)

Damoh. No matter how much the health department claims and pats its back, but it is not able to stop the sale of contaminated material on the occasion of the festival. Another similar case came up. About 2 dozen people were admitted to the district hospital after complaining of vomiting and diarrhea due to eating contaminated mawa laddoos.

21 patients reached the hospital: Than Singh, who came from village Ahrora, told that after worshiping Sharad Purnima last evening, his wife and both the children had eaten some mawa laddus. Everything was fine for a while, but late in the night all three suddenly started complaining of vomiting and diarrhea. Those who were rushed to the district hospital. The hospital staff said that about 21 patients have been admitted to the district hospital.

There is no ban on the sale of contaminated food: It is learned that everyone had eaten mawa laddoos and late in the night their health deteriorated. Significantly, for the last 4 days, there has been a lot of sale of Mawa at every street intersection in the city. The Food Department did not consider it appropriate to take information about where such quantity of mawa came from? Earlier, when Mawa was tested on Holi, it was found to be contaminated.

Uninterrupted movement from Morena: This Mawa is coming daily from Bhind and Morena area. Even though the health department conducts sampling and testing of food items every day, but even after this, the business of adulterated food items is going on openly. When food officer Rakesh Ahirwar was contacted in this regard, he did not receive the phone itself. MP Damoh Food Poisoning, Two dozen fell ill, Adulterated mawa

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