Side Effects Of Cough-syrup Can Prove To Be Fatal, Contact The Doctor Immediately


The WHO warned on Wednesday that four contaminated and low-quality cough syrups allegedly produced by Maiden Pharmaceuticals Limited, based in Sonipat, Haryana, could be the cause of death in children in the West African country of The Gambia. The use of any cough syrup in unbalanced amounts directly affects the brain and heart. In that case you should also be careful. Cough syrup may cause death. WHO alert on cough syrup.

The World Health Organization (WHO) warned on Wednesday that four contaminated and low-quality cough syrups allegedly produced by Maiden Pharmaceuticals Limited, based in Haryana’s Sonepat, may be the cause of child deaths in the West African country of The Gambia. can. Cough syrup can prove to be extremely fatal without consulting a doctor. In a way, it can even take your life. Actually, the use of any cough syrup in an unbalanced amount directly affects the brain and heart. The brain plays an important role in controlling cough. After drinking cough syrup, it works by directly blocking the nerves to the brain. This is a kind of side effect, in which there is difficulty in breathing due to blockage of the nerves of the brain and the user dies immediately. WHO alert on cough syrup.

Different types of cough syrups are prescribed for dry cough and fibrous cough. If cough syrup is used in excess in cough with mucus, then it can also cause heart attack. Children and young people can be at risk of death due to overdose of cough syrup. Significantly, after the death of 66 children in the African country of Gambia after drinking cough syrup, now the Health Department has issued an advisory in Himachal as well. After this incident (Gambia cough syrup death) in Africa, samples of companies making cough syrup have been taken in the industrial sector on a large scale in Himachal. At the same time, the Health Department has issued advisory to medical institutions across the state. In this advisory, the World Health Organization has been asked to keep a special watch on banned cough syrups and to issue guidelines to doctors in this regard.

Codeine is used for intoxication: The government has increased its surveillance after complaints of using codeine as a cough syrup intoxicant. It is used on the advice of the doctor and the health department monitors the sale of this cough syrup. Not only this, the department also has complete details about this cough syrup to private clinics and medicine shops. Continuous use of this cough syrup can lead to addiction. In such a situation, the department keeps a special eye on its use.

Cough syrup can be fatal in every type of cough: Actually cough is of two types, one is dry cough and the other cough with mucus. Cough syrup used for mucus has a direct effect on the heart and causes a sudden increase in heartbeat. It can also cause heart attack. In the second case, the cough syrup used for dry cough directly affects the brain. According to experts, this type of cough starts from the throat, but it happens with a controlled mind. In such a situation, this cough syrup directly affects the brain and due to side effects, it also works to block the nerves of the brain.

Take a doctor’s advice if you have a cough for three days: You do not need to panic if you have a mild cold, but you need to consult a doctor if you have a cough for two to three days. In such a case, cough syrup can be taken on the advice of the doctor. But take it only as per the doctor’s advice. People consider cough, cold or phlegm to be a minor disease and become doctors themselves and buy any cough syrup. In such a situation, the possibility of increasing the problem is more.

Alternative medicines can be taken instead of cough syrup: If you do not want to take cough syrup in case of cough, then other medicines can also be used on the advice of the doctor. The use of home remedies in allopathy is not advised by the doctor, although in Ayurveda, it is instructed to use lukewarm water along with Triphala powder and honey. In case of not taking cough syrup, experts instruct patients to take other medicines. But these medicines are prescribed by the doctor through prescription only. In allopathy, patients are not advised to use home remedies or medicines at their own level.

Cough syrup can cause side effects: Dr. Sanjay Thakur, a respiratory specialist of Medical College Hamirpur, says that if the cough lasts for more than 2-3 days, then it should not be taken as normal. In such a situation, instead of buying cough syrup from private clinics or chemists, medicine should be used after consulting a doctor. He has appealed to the people not to use any kind of cough syrup without consulting the doctor.

Even after taking the advice of the doctor, if the use of cough syrup causes difficulty in breathing or problems in the heart, then contact the doctor immediately. He said that after using cough syrup at their level, many people come to the OPD with complaints of side effects. In such a situation, after thorough examination of the patient, some other disease emerges. Because the patient who comes for the treatment of side effects has to undergo a complete medical examination.

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