Ujjain Mahakal Lok: The ‘mahakal Lok’ Corridor Is Wonderful And Spectacular, Drenched In Architecture And Sculpture, Equipped With Hi-tech And State-of-the-art Facilities


The more than 900 meters long corridor of ‘Mahakal Lok’ of Mahakaleshwar temple of Ujjain is one of the largest corridors in India. The main attraction of ‘Mahakal Lok’ is the two grand gateways. There is a majestic pillar of 108 ornate pillars made of intricately carved sandstone. Shiva Purana, a movable panel of more than 50 murals depicting fountains and stories, has also become a center of attraction for the people. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the first phase of the Rs 856 crore Mahakaleshwar Temple Corridor Development Project on October 11. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan took stock of the preparations for this mega program. Let us know – how wonderful and beautiful this corridor is.

Ujjain. The ‘Mahakal Lok’ corridor surrounds the old Rudrasagar lake, which has also been revived as part of a redevelopment project around the ancient Mahakaleshwar temple. Two majestic entrances have been made in the corridor, which are Nandi Gate and Pinaki Gate. These gates make their way to the entrance of the ancient temple and offer views of beauty along the way. Sandstones obtained from the Bansi Paharpur region in Rajasthan have been used to build structures that enhance the beauty of the corridor.

Hard work of craftsmen from many states: A senior official associated with the project said that mainly artists and craftsmen from Rajasthan, Gujarat and Orissa have done the work of carving and embellishing the raw stones. Government sources say that the ambitious project that began in 2017 aims to emphasize and rekindle the ancient glory of the historic city of Ujjain by providing all facilities to the visitors through the use of ancient temple architecture and using the latest technology. Is. It has physical and cultural value. Hence the 108 pillars, CCTV and public address system with decorative elements on Trishul-style design at regular intervals have been harmoniously incorporated in the corridor.

Emphasis on security system in the corridor:The PA system will be used for making announcements and playing devotional songs for crowd management once the corridor is opened to the public. Also, an Integrated Control and Command Center has been set up to monitor the security arrangements in the temple corridor complex. Ujjain Smart City CEO Ashish Kumar Pathak said that Ujjain is an ancient and holy city and old Hindu texts describe the presence of a ‘Mahakal Van’ around the Mahakaleshwar temple. This project may not restore the antiquity that was there centuries ago, but we have tried to revive that glory through the old aesthetic architecture used in the construction of the pillars and other structures in the corridor. Along with this and the horticultural species described in Kalidasa’s Abhigyan Shakuntalam have also been included. About 40-45 such species of religious importance have been used,

11 seater golf cart will run in the corridor: A special anthem dedicated to Lord Shiva will be sung by singer Kailash Kher in the program to be held on the inauguration of the corridor. The CEO of Ujjain Smart City believes that after the opening of the corridor, the enthusiasm of the present people will only increase and the crowd of tourists will increase. He said that the ornate pillars, beautiful looking fountains and murals depicting various elements of Shiva Purana will enhance the experience of the visitors. The 24-metre section is separated by a row of 108 pillars in the corridor, with lampposts on top. The 12-metre-wide path is for pedestrians and the other 12-metre stretch adjacent to the 53 murals wall is for plying of e-vehicles (11-seater golf carts), ambulances and fire engines, all of which will be positioned inside the corridor.

Ease of movement of large vehicles:Along with this, an emergency gate has been built near Nandi Gate. According to the need, the movement of large vehicles can be done from here. Amit Gupta, manager of the project’s consultancy firm, said that the project of the corridor also includes a huge pavilion named Triveni Mandapam. In its center is a huge fountain B with an idol of Lord Shiva and other fountains adjacent to Rudrasagar lake. He said that around 190 idols, depicting various forms of Lord Shiva and other deities, are in front of the lake in the corridor. The ‘Mahakal Lok’ project includes a multi-storey parking lot for cars and buses, florists and other shops, solar lighting, a facility for pilgrims, water pipelines and sewer lines, among others. A lighting and sound system has also been developed. Work is underway on the second phase of the project

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