Water Inundation Came Due To Cloudburst In Pithoragarh, The Drain Took Away All The Stone Soil


In Pithoragarh district, the river drains are in spate due to torrential rains. Meanwhile, the cloud burst here. A video of cloudburst has surfaced from Cankhola village of Son Patti of Moonakote block. After the cloud burst, Gadera took away the soil and stones with him. Apart from this, the fields have also suffered a lot.

Pithoragarh: It has been raining heavily in Uttarakhand for the last three days. Pithoragarh is also witnessing heavy rainfall. Here, there was heavy rain in Cankhola village of Gram Panchayat Basaur of Son Patti area of ​​Moonakote block. Due to which the river drains came in spate and people came in panic. As of now, no loss of life has been reported.

Due to continuous heavy rains in Pithoragarh district for the last three days, normal life has become hectic. During this, there has been an incident of cloudburst here on Sunday evening. A video has surfaced from the Son Patti area after the cloudburst. In which a herd is flowing in a boom. In the donkey, stones and soil are seen flowing in the strong flow of water. Local people say that due to cloudburst in the area, the farm barn pedestrian movement has been damaged. Although there is no news of any major damage, but the incessant rains have increased the problems of the people.

Local social worker Ramesh Chand says that last year also there was devastation due to cloudburst at the same place (Pithoragarh Cloudburst news). The fertile land was also washed away by the cloudburst. This time also the havoc of rain has been seen at the same place. The road to Badari Kanteboragaon Basaur is also throbbing. Apart from this, many roads in the district have been blocked due to rain. People have been imprisoned in homes. Crops standing in the fields have also been damaged.

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