Infosys Accused Of Discrimination Against Indians In America, The Matter Reached The Court


Infosys company is a well-known company in the IT sector. But these days the company remains in the discussion. In fact, the company is accused of discriminating against Indian candidates during the recruitment process in the US.

New Delhi: Talking about the big companies of the IT sector, the name of Infosys also comes in them. But these days Infosys is in discussion about the Infosys accused of discrimination against people of Indian origin in America. It is worth noting that last year an Infosys employee had accused the company of discriminated against people of Indian origin during recruitment. When the employee made allegations against the company, he left the job. The employee said in his allegation that Infosys discriminates on the basis of age, gender and nationality during its recruitment process.

According to a media report, this allegation was made by Jill Prezien, former President of Talent Acquisition of Infosys. Prezine also filed a lawsuit against the company, and she admitted in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York that the company had directed her to engage women of Indian origin during the recruitment process. Have children with you and ignore candidates above 50 years of age.

Prezine said she was shocked when she was asked to discriminate on the basis of gender, age and nationality. Not only this, he told that in the first two months of working in Infosys, he also tried to change this situation, but due to this effort, his colleagues got angry and Prezine had to face opposition from his colleagues. On the other hand, Infosys Company has filed a motion against Prezine.

In this motion, the company has sought to dismiss the lawsuit. Infosys told the court that Miss Prezine was fired by the company for not acting as per the rules. The company has appealed that Miss Prezine has not presented any evidence to substantiate her allegations, which should lead to the dismissal of the suit. However, the court has rejected the demand of Infosys and asked the company to respond to the allegations leveled within the next 21 days.

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