Bad Words Of AIMIM State President, Hindus Keep Three Mistresses And Produce Illegitimate Children


The controversial statement of AIMIM state president Shaukat Ali has come to the fore in Sambhal. He said that Hindus marry one and have three mistresses. They produce illegitimate children from them.

Sambhal: In the public meeting of AIMIM in Sambhal district of Uttar Pradesh, State President Shaukat Ali fiercely attacked the BJP. Not only this, Shaukat Ali also spoke poisonous words on Hindu marriage. The state president targeted the majority community. After these statements, there has been a ruckus in the politics.

Spewed poison against BJP: State President of AIMIM Shaukat Ali had arrived in Sambhal late on Friday night to address the public meeting of AIMIM. While addressing the public meeting, Shaukat Ali, while targeting the majority society, spewed venom against the BJP. Shaukat Ali while attacking said that whenever BJP is weak, it brings issues like marriage of Muslims, triple talaq, investigation of madrasas and Gyanvapi.

Muslims ruled the country for 832 years: He said that but BJP is forgetting that Muslims have ruled this country for 832 years. The Hindus kept on jihujuri with folded hands in front of our emperor. Not only this, our emperor Akbar had also set an example of secularism by marrying Jodha Bai.

Hindus marry one and have three mistresses: State President Shaukat Ali, while targeting the majority community, also said that Muslims do two marriages, but with respect. Their children’s name is also mentioned in the ration card and aadhar card. He did not stop here only, he said that Hindus marry one and have three mistresses. They do not even tell anyone, nor do they give their names to their illegitimate children. Everyone knows what their illegitimate children do.

Court’s decision will be valid: The AIMIM leader, while giving his reaction on the court’s decision in the Gyanvapi case, said that the decision given by the court will have to be accepted by all. This country will run by the Constitution and not by the will of BJP. He said that our constitutional fight for the rights of Muslims will continue.

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