Bilaspur Latest News Junior Scientist Himangi Haldhar’s Amazing, Cheap Sanitizer Made From Ashes


bilaspur latest news Himangi Haldhar, a student of Bilaspur city, has prepared a sanitizer from ash in the lowest budget indigenously. Himangi has used those items in the sanitizer. Which are easily available around without any cost. Himangi got the first place for this feat in the international conference Scope Convention Center held in Delhi. Now she will present her invention at the UN Global Forum held in Paris, France in February 2023. Himangi is the first student of Chhattisgarh and the country to have prepared a sanitizer from ashes.

Bilaspur: One’s talent is not subject to age. It just takes genuine dedication and hard work to present the talent. Bilaspur junior scientist Himangi Haldhar has done something similar. Whose invention has proudly raised the name of not only Chhattisgarh but the entire country. Due to the invention of Himangi, he has also been honored in Delhi. Along with this, his invention will also be presented in the UN Global Forum to be held in France. So that other countries can also get the benefit of his invention.

What is the invention of Himangi:How much coal is used to generate electricity in a power plant. Even more trouble is caused by the ash produced after burning coal. So far no concrete system has been made for the disposal of ashes. The scientific and government organizations of the country and the world are making many efforts to deal with it. Himangi, a student of Bilaspur, made something from this ashes which can get rid of the problem of ash in the coming days. In view of the demand for sanitizer, Himangi has prepared a sanitizer from ashes by extracting information about the properties of ash. Junior scientist Himangi said that “There is a system of mid-day meal in schools, but in general there is no special arrangement for washing hands properly. Due to which children cause many health problems. In view of this, thought that something should be done which is the least expensive item and its benefits should be good.

How to make sanitizer from ash:Himangi Haldhar told that “The process of making sanitizer from ash is very easy. First of all, wooden boxes of a height of 3 feet will have to be taken. After this, put the door on one side of the wooden box. Make a hole in its top. Place two big buckets just below the hole. The bucket should have sand at the bottom, then para and ash at the top. After this, place a chadi-shaped box in the hole on top of the box. Due to which the water gets stored in the ashes. After pouring the water above, the ash removes all the dirt and impurities of the water and removes it in the lower layer para. After this, Para stops the particles of ash. But the sand kept at the bottom stops its fine particles. After this the water in the form of sanitizer comes out. This process takes about 2 hours from pouring water to getting out the sanitizer. But cleaning hands with this sanitizer eliminates hand dirt and germs.

Who is Himangi Haldhar: Himangi is a student of class 11 of Bharat Mata School in the city. He has many other titles to his name. Her father Panu Haldhar is a teacher at Bharat Mata School and he is also Himangi’s mentor. They have high hopes about this project of Himangi. Himangi’s father Panu Haldhar told that “Now she will give her presentation in the UN Global Forum held in France in February 2023. It will be a proud moment for Chhattisgarh and the country. His daughter Himangi is inclined towards science from the very beginning and continuously she keeps doing something or the other. Even before this, Himangi has won many awards at the school level. She is known as Junior Scientist in the district through her many inventions in the Science Exhibition.

Himangi can make a future as an environmentalist: Himangi’s teacher Poonam Singh told that “Himangi has always been a brilliant student. She is interested in science. Even before this, Himangi has made many inventions. The most important thing is that Himangi is very aware of things. Asking questions when you do not understand even a small thing while studying. Many times his own answers remain in his question. From this it seems that she knows but she asks questions to confirm. Himangi can make her future as a scientist and environmentalist.

Bhupesh has also been honored: Himangi Haldhar has been interested in science since a very young age. Himangi has made many inventions. Recently, the Chief Minister of the state Bhupesh Baghel had honored him for some invention of Himangi. Apart from this, Himangi has also been respected by the state’s minister, Mohammad Akbar. Himangi has gained respect in the hands of many big politicians and officials. bilaspur latest news

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