Deaf Schoolgirls Are Learning Self-defense Tricks, Training Boosts Their Spirits


The times are changing, people are changing, so why should the daughter also lag behind in this era of change. To make this point complete, the daughters of Seth Anandi Lal Poddar Deaf School, Jaipur are making themselves self-defense by sweating in Judo Karate. By teaching judo karate to the girl students, the school management is making strong in terms of spirits.

Jaipur. In the Seth Anandi Lal Poddar Silent Deaf School in the capital Jaipur, special classes are being conducted for girl students in terms of self-defense. The important thing is that by teaching judo karate to the girl students, the school management is making them strong in terms of spirits. Karate classes are being conducted at different times even during the examination period, so that there is no obstacle in training. In this matter, the school management has taken full care of the convenience of the children. At the same time, children are also seen satisfied with this training program.

From self-defense to sports participation- Judo Karate training program was started in Jaipur with the intention of making the girl students strong in terms of self-power in Seth Anandi Lal Poddar Deaf School being run for the differently abled. Gradually, the interest of the children in this program increased and along with the girl students, now the students are also making themselves stronger by joining this program.

Simran, who is present as a trainer in this program of judo karate, says that soon a competition is going to start at the state level with these children as well. The purpose of this whole exercise is that these children with special abilities in the society should not be considered backward in any way and by coming into the mainstream, these children can make full use of their talents to establish themselves in the society. Simran told that now after this training program, those girl students will also be made to participate in sports competitions, so that these girls can achieve any position on the basis of sports in their career.

The girl students also felt the change – when the ETV India team reached the school for the deaf, it was after the examination. In a room in the hostel, children were being specially trained in karate. During this, when the children involved in the training were asked through the teacher whether they were feeling the changes in themselves after learning karate, most of the girl students said that they have gained self-confidence after this training.

When asked if she can go on the road without any fear, the girl students said that they are no longer afraid. When the boys training together were asked whether they would come forward through this training by becoming a helper to fellow girl students and other girls in the society? So the students also said in response that they would be ready to face any trouble along with their fellow students.

The dream of the school management to be named at the national level – Bharat Joshi, the headmaster of Anandilal Poddar Dumb Deaf School, told that he will not back down in taking forward this effort started by the physical trainer. It is their dream that these children from school go ahead and reach the Para Olympics. Therefore, the school management will also now engage in the exercise of development of children in different sports. He said that he personally wants that these children should get a chance to prove their skills in every field to connect with the mainstream of the society. It is very important for self defense as well as for personality development.

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