Dhanteras 2022: Lord Dhanvantari Appeared On Dhanteras, The Curse Of Mother Lakshmi Also Ended


In Hinduism, many festivals are celebrated in the month of Kartik. In which the first Dhanteras festival is celebrated. Many stories are prevalent about the tradition of celebrating the festival of Dhanteras, to introduce which ETV India is taking initiative on the occasion of Dhanteras 2022. (Dhanteras 2022) (Dhanteras shubh muhurat) (Dhanteras Related Mythological Stories)

Kullu: In the month of Kartik in India, where the festival of Deepawali is celebrated with great pomp. So there, before that the festival of Dhanteras is also celebrated with great enthusiasm in every house. Many stories are discussed in our scriptures and Puranas related to Dhanteras, which people narrate and tell. ETV India is taking the initiative to introduce you to all these stories on the occasion of Dhanteras 2022. Lord Dhanvantari, the founder of Ayurveda, also appeared on this day and the curse of Goddess Lakshmi was also redressed on this day. Due to which the law of worship of Lord Dhanvantari, Mata Lakshmi and Yamraj has also been told to Dhanteras.

Trayodashi Tithi of Kartik month will now start from 6.03 pm on 22nd October and will last till 6:4 pm on 23rd October. In such a situation, it would be auspicious to celebrate the festival of Dhanteras on 23rd October. At the same time, it will be auspicious to burn Yamdeep on 22 October. People who keep fast on Dhanteras due to the change of dates. Keep those people only on 23rd October, because there is Pradosh Kaal till the evening of 23rd.

Kartik month Krishna Paksha Trayodashi Tithi will be from 6.02 pm on 22nd October to 06.03 pm on 23rd October. At the same time, the auspicious time of worship will be from 5:44 pm to 6.05 pm on Sunday, 23 October. Pradosh Kaal will last from 5:44 PM to 8:16 PM and Vrishabha Kaal will last from 6.58 PM to 8:54 PM.

These gods and goddesses appeared on Dhanteras – This year auspicious yoga is also being formed on Dhanteras. This year on 23rd Shani Dev is becoming Margi. In such a situation, many zodiac signs will get benefit. Apart from this, Sarvartha Siddhi and Amrit Siddhi Yoga are being formed on the day of Dhanteras. At the same time, Dhanteras is also known as Dhantrayodashi. According to the scriptures, it is believed that Lord Kuber, Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Dhanvantari appeared on the day of Dhanteras during the churning of the ocean. Therefore, on this day all the three deities are worshipped. Along with this, shopping on this day is also considered auspicious.

Mythological stories of Dhanteras- According to mythological belief, at one time Lord Vishnu was coming to visit the world of death. Mother Lakshmi also urged to walk with Lord Vishnu said – ‘If I believe what I say, then come on. Mata Lakshmi accepted this and Lord Vishnu came to the earth along with Lakshmi. After some time, Lord Vishnu said to Lakshmi at one place – ‘Till I do not come, you stay here. I am going towards south, don’t you look there. On the departure of Vishnu, Lakshmi was ecstatic that after all what is in the south direction which I have been forbidden and why God himself went to the south, there is definitely some mystery.

Mother Lakshmi did not stay away, as soon as God took the path, so did mother Lakshmi also follow. A mustard field was visible at a distance. In those days he was very happy and was walking. She went there, was enchanted by the beauty of mustard, and by plucking its flowers, did her makeup and went ahead. Next was the sugarcane (reed) field. Mother Lakshmi took four sugarcane and started sucking the juice. At that very moment Vishnu came and on seeing this, he cursed Mother Lakshmi that I had forbidden you to come here. But you did not listen and she committed the crime of theft of the farmer. Now you serve that farmer for 12 years and accept it as punishment.

Saying this, God left them and went to Kshirsagar. After that Mata Lakshmi started living in the farmer’s house. That farmer was very poor. Mata Lakshmi told the farmer’s wife that after taking a bath, first worship this Goddess Lakshmi made by me and then make a kitchen. You will get what you ask for. The farmer’s wife did as per the orders of Lakshmi. Due to the effect of worship and by the grace of Lakshmi, the farmer’s house was filled with food, money, gems, gold from the very next day and started lit up with Lakshmi. Lakshmi made the farmer full of money and grains and 12 years of the farmer were spent with great joy.

After 12 years Mata Lakshmi got ready to go. In such a situation, when Lord Vishnu came to take Goddess Lakshmi, the farmer refused to send him. Mother Lakshmi was also not ready to leave without the consent of the farmer. Then Lord Vishnu did a clever trick. The day when Vishnu came to pick up Lakshmi. That day was Varuni festival. Therefore, explaining the importance of Varuni festival to the farmer, God said that you along with your family go and take bath in the Ganges and leave these shells in the water. I will not take Lakshmi until you return. Mata Lakshmi gave four cowries to the farmer to give to Ganga and the farmer did the same.

That family went to bathe in the Ganges. As soon as he put shells in the Ganges, four hands came out of the Ganges and took those shells. Then the farmer was surprised that she was some goddess. Then the farmer asked Mother Ganga, ‘O Mother! Whose are these four arms? Mother Ganga said ‘O farmer! Those four hands were mine. The shells that you have given are given to whom? The farmer said- ‘She has given the woman who has come to my house. On this, Mother Ganga said that the woman who has come to your house is the real Lakshmi and the man is Lord Vishnu. You don’t let Lakshmi go. Otherwise you will become poor again. Hearing this, the farmer returned home.

There Lakshmi and Vishnu were sitting ready to go. The farmer caught the lap of Mother Lakshmi and said that I will not let you go. Then God told the farmer who lets them go, but they are fickle. It doesn’t stay anywhere and big and big could not stop them. It was my curse. Who was serving you for 12 years. Your 12 years of service has been completed. The farmer stubbornly said that no, now I will not let Mata Lakshmi go. You take some other woman from here. Then Mother Lakshmi said, O farmer, if you want to stop me, then do whatever I say, tomorrow is Teresa. I will celebrate Dhanteras for you. You clean the house tomorrow by leaps and bounds.

Light a lamp of ghee in the night and worship me in the evening. Fill a copper urn with money and keep it for my sake. I will reside in that Kalash. But I will not be visible to you at the time of worship. I will not leave your house throughout the year by worshiping this day. If I want to keep, then worship me like this every year. Saying this, she spread in the ten directions with the light of the lamps and the Lord remained in sight. The next day the farmer worshiped as per the legend of Mata Lakshmi. His house was filled with wealth. Similarly, he started worshiping Goddess Lakshmi every year on the day of Teras.

These stories are also popular- According to the second story, Lord Dhanvantari was born on the Trayodashi date of Kartik Krishna Paksha. He was born from the churning of Amrit. At the time of birth, he had an urn filled with nectar in his hand. This is the reason why utensils are bought on the day of Dhanteras to please God. Pottery shops are decorated in all the big and small markets of the country and people buy utensils according to their capacity. It is believed that the items you buy on this special occasion. It increases thirteen times.

It is also mentioned in the stories that silver is considered like the moon. Moon is considered calm. This brings peace of mind along with happiness and prosperity in life. Lord Dhanvantari is also considered the god of medicine. By worshiping him properly, the body remains healthy. According to a mythological story, worshiping on Dhanteras ritually and donating a lamp also gets rid of premature death. That is why there is also a law to worship Lord Yama.

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