Families Dominated In Rajasthan Congress, Who First Made Family Members PCC Members, Now Themselves Members In Quota


The Congress has been engulfing the political corridors on the issue of familyism. After the Udaipur Chintan Shivir of the Congress, in the declaration also, it was said that the party should distance itself from familyism, but only the leaders of Rajasthan Congress are unable to come out of the trap of familyism. See this report…

Jaipur. Even though the Congress party has tried to crack down on familyism through Udaipur Sankalp, but the roots of familyism in the Congress party have become so deep that it is not taking the name of ending it. In Rajasthan too, how much familyism prevails in the Congress party, it can be gauged from the fact that there are more than two dozen MLAs and ministers who, instead of giving a chance to their Congress workers, the family members of the State Congress. was made a member. So the rest was done right now by those 13 PCC members, who first made their families members of the State Congress Committee and now themselves have become PCC members in MLA quota or former state president’s quota.

Gehlot-Pilot also involved: The situation is that in Rajasthan where the Congress party had made rules to curb familyism in the Nav Sankalp Shivir held in Udaipur. In the same Rajasthan, these rules are seen breaking. The situation is that there are 14 leaders in Rajasthan who themselves have become state Congress members and they have also made their family members state Congress members. In this list, both the leaders of Rajasthan’s politics, which are revolving around Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot, are also included.

First family members were made PCC members – When 400 PCC members were made, at that time there were many leaders who were being told that if they have made their families PCC members, then they themselves have not become PCC members. But that shortcoming has now been filled by the 13 PCC members formed. In which minister Govind Meghwal, who became PCC member from MLA quota, has already made his daughter Sarita Chauhan a PCC member.

Similarly, Minister Lalchand Kataria has made his brother’s wife Rekha Kataria elected PCC member, while Rajendra Yadav, who became PCC member in MLA quota, has already made his son Madhur Yadav as PCC member. The same is the case with Raghu Sharma, who became a state Congress member in the MLA quota, who had already made his son an elected PCC member and now himself has become a PCC member in the MLA quota. This is the reason that the shortfall which was left earlier in the matter of familism has now been filled. The same is the condition of those former state presidents who knew that as a former state president, he would become a PCC member. In such a situation, he already got his family members elected PCC members.

These leaders who became themselves PCC members and also made their families

Minister Lalchand Kataria and his brother’s wife Rekha Kataria

Minister Rajendra Yadav and his son Madhur Yadav

Minister Govind Meghwal and his daughter Sarita Chauhan

Deputy Chief Whip Mahendra Chowdhary and his wife Sunita Chowdhary

Minister Murari Lal Meena and his wife Savita Meena

Raghu Sharma and his son Sagar Sharma

Deepender Singh Shekhawat and his son Balendu Singh

MLA Gurmeet Kunnar and his son Ruby Kunnar

MLA Divya Maderna and her mother district chief Leela Maderna

Sachin Pilot and his mother Rama Pilot

Former MP Badri Jakhar and his daughter Munni Godara

Had to become a PCC member in the quota of former chairman, in such a situation, got his family members already PCC member

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and his son Vaibhav Gehlot

Narayan Singh and his son Virendra Chaudhary

Girija Vyas and his brother Gopal Sharma

These ministers-MLAs made their families PCC members

MLA Narendra Budania to his son Amit Budania

MLA Babulal Bairwa gave his son Awadhesh Bairwa

MLA Meena Kanwar gave her husband Umaid Singh

Minister Zahida Khan married her husband Jalees Khan and son Sajid Khan.

If these independent MLAs could not become themselves, then made their family members PCC members

Vikas Nagar, son of independent MLA Babulal Nagar

Savita Beniwal, wife of independent MLA Alok Beniwal

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