How Will The Health System In Dumka Be Better: Out Of 198 Doctors, Only 42 Are Posted


How will the health system be better in Dumka, the sub-capital of Jharkhand, when there is a shortage of doctors. Of the 198 approved doctors, only 42 are posted. Only 19 doctors have been posted in 264 rural level hospitals (Shortage of doctors in Dumka). In such a situation, it is redundant to talk about a good government health system.

Dumka: Good health belongs to everyone. Efforts are being made from the center to the state government regarding this. The government talks about taking the health system from village to village. It is discussed that people living in remote areas should get medical facilities, but the reality on the ground is quite different. Talking about Dumka, the sub-capital of Jharkhand, the government medical system here is so poor (Bad condition of health system) that it is difficult to even guess it.

The government health system in Dumka can be gauged from this figure that the total sanctioned posts of doctors in the entire district are 198 while only 42 doctors are posted. Civil surgeon has also been added to this 42 post. The situation in rural areas is even worse. If we leave the district headquarters hospital, then in total 264 hospitals in rural areas, only 19 doctors are posted (Shortage of doctors in Dumka). It is clear from this that even if the patients get medical facilities, how can they get it.

A look at the condition of rural hospitals:The condition of the government health system in the rural area of ​​Dumka is very bad. Community Health Center is functioning in all 10 blocks here. While the number of CHCs in the entire district is 36, the number of health sub centers is 218. According to the government standards, at least 3 to 4 doctors should be posted in the CHC located in the block headquarters. At the same time, the doctor has to provide his service in the primary health center also. At the same time, NM and Para in the health sub-centre depend on the medical personnel. But let us tell you that there are only 19 doctors in 264 hospitals in rural areas of Dumka. All of them are working in the Community Health Center located at the Block Headquarters. When there will be no doctors in the block level hospital itself, then how can one imagine a doctor in the panchayat and rural area hospitals.

Health center of Nonihathwari village of Jama block found closedTo take stock of the condition of rural health system, the team of ETV India reached the health center of Nonihathwari village of Jama block. It was around 11:00 am, according to the rules the health center should have been open. But it was found closed and the lock was seen hanging on the gate, the villagers told that this health center remains closed. People told that this hospital was built at a cost of about 50 lakhs. Earlier he had to go to the district headquarters for even minor treatment. When the construction work of this hospital started, he hoped that now he would get medical facilities here. But this did not happen because this hospital is usually closed, sometimes there is a vaccination campaign, then the gate of the hospital opens for some time, after that it closes again. It hasn’t even been open in recent months.

What Dumka Civil Surgeon says: ETV India spoke to Civil Surgeon Dr. Bachha Prasad Singh (Dumka Civil Surgeon) regarding the poor condition of health system in the district. The civil surgeon told that there is a huge shortage of doctors here, we need 198 doctors but there are 42 posted, in which two-three doctors are responsible for office work. He said that due to paucity of doctors, there is a lot of difficulty in providing better facilities. Although he has corresponded with the government for this, whatever initiative has to be taken on this can be done from the headquarters level itself. Along with this, while giving information, he said that as far as para medical workers are concerned, their number is almost right. Including contractual and outsourcing employees with regular staff. Along with this, the availability of medicines is also sufficient.

Government needs to pay attention: If the condition of the capital is like this, then how can a good health system be imagined in remote and rural areas. Anyway, when there are less doctors in the district than the sanctioned posts, how will people get adequate treatment. It is the responsibility of the government to provide better health facilities to the people. But this is not happening in Dumka. Therefore, the government should take necessary action in this matter and whatever shortcomings are there, they should be compensated at the earliest.

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