Planetary Noise In Election Noise, Many Veterans Will Be Shocked In Himachal, Read The Assessment Of Famous Astrologer Gurmeet Bedi


Gurmeet Singh Bedi, who was a big officer in the Himachal government, is very famous in the field of astrology. He said some surprising things on the basis of a brief analysis of planetary movements (Himachal Pradesh Assembly Election 2022). Here is the analysis for the readers of ETV India.

Shimla: As soon as the elections are announced in Himachal, the assessments of the experts monitoring the planetary movement have started coming. Gurmeet Singh Bedi, who was a big officer in the Himachal government, is very famous in the field of astrology. He has said some surprising things on the basis of a brief analysis of planetary movements. This analysis is presented for the readers of ETV India (Himachal Pradesh Assembly Election 2022).

According to Gurmeet Bedi, the planetary movement is giving many shocking signs. The election bugle has sounded in Himachal Pradesh and voting is to be held on November 12. Based on the position of the transits of the planets, Vedic astrologer and author of the research book ‘Astrology Ek Vigyan’ Gurmeet Bedi in his astrological analysis has said that the movement of the planets will give a setback to many veterans of both the major parties. The reverse movement of Jupiter, which has attained the status of Dev Guru among the Navagrahas, will spoil the equations of many giants. The solar eclipse that will take place on October 25 will also cause a strike in both the parties and the lunar eclipse within 15 days will eclipse the future of some leaders.

Gurmeet Bedi told that (Astrology on Himachal Elections) on November 12, on the day of polling, Dev Guru Jupiter will be in retrograde state while Sun will be sitting in its debilitated Libra along with Mercury and Ketu, where Trigrahi Yoga will be formed. Mars will be retrograde in Gemini and Venus will be traveling in Scorpio. Saturn will be transiting in Capricorn and Rahu in Aries. In the midst of the election process, the last solar eclipse of this year will also take place on October 25. And 15 days after this, there will also be a lunar eclipse on November 8. It is not auspicious to have two eclipses within 15 days. Water will flow on the wishes of many. Difficulties may increase for the leaders who are going through Shani’s Sadesati and Dhaiya. Leaders whose Sun is debilitated in their birth chart may have to wait for tickets. Even if I get the ticket somehow, then there will be no victory. Just as the leaders who have Jupiter retrograde at the time of their birth,

Gurmeet Bedi’s assessment is that both the major political parties will also have to face internal discontent. There will be political sabotage. The margin of victory and defeat in most of the seats is going to be very small. The third power will not be able to show any significant effect except for seven to eight seats. Hung assembly will not happen. Some veterans will not be able to cross the threshold of the assembly this time.

Let us inform that Gurmeet Bedi, who was Deputy Director in Public Relations Department of Himachal Government, is a well-known name in the field of astrology. He had also predicted the defeat of Punjab Congress leader Charanjit Singh Channi before the elections in Punjab. Gurmeet Bedi has also written an investigative book titled Astrology Ek Vigyan. ,

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