Raid On Sweetshop In Bhiwani: Cm Flying Raids Sweet Shops In Bhiwani


CM flying in Bhiwani is once again in action mode. In order not to get disturbed in the colors of the festivals, CM Flying along with the Food Safety Department raided various sweet shops of the city (Raid On Sweetshop In Bhiwani). After this raid, there is a stir among the sweet traders.

Bhiwani : The work of selling adulterated sweets on festival has started in the district. Due to non-production of milk in the district according to consumption and increasing demand for sweets during the festival, the business of adulterants is in full swing. To stop this, CM Flying raided the sweet shops (Raid On Sweetshop In Bhiwani) and sampling of food items was done. During this sampling of adulterated food items being sold in various sweet shops including vegetable market of Bhiwani was done. Food items were destroyed when adulteration was found.

Bhiwani Food Safety Officer Jogendra Singh said that sampling of food items was done in view of the festive season. He told that samples of adulterated milk and paneer were taken from two establishments in the vegetable market. 70 kg of paneer from both the establishments was destroyed. Apart from this, 65 kg of rasgulla and gulab jamun were found not usable at a confectionery store and they were also destroyed. In this episode, 11 samples were taken from a total of 8 shops and godowns. He said that all the samples would be sent by the Food Safety Officer to the Food Testing Lab for testing.

How to identify the real
– Try rubbing a little khova on the nail of your thumb. If it is real then the smell of ghee will come in it.
Take a little mawa in the palm and make a tablet of it. If it starts bursting then the mawa is fake.
Take a little mama and dissolve it in five milliliters of hot water and let it cool down. After cooling add iodine to it. If the mawa is fake then its color will turn blue.

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