Shahdol Stadium Athletics Game: Players Of Tribal Area Disillusioned With The Game, The Number Of Athletics Players Decreasing In The Stadium


The stadium in Shahdol district was once full of athletics players. In the morning or in the evening, more than one player used to come to practice. (Shahdol players disillusioned In game) Players used to sweat here. Because, they had to get medals at the state and national level, but these days the number of athletics players in this stadium is decreasing (Inflation hit in athletics game) or rather, players are getting disillusioned with athletics. After all, what is the reason due to which players are withdrawing their interest from this game. Even for practice, fewer players are reaching here now. View report…(Shahdol Stadium Athletics Game) (Shahdol Stadium Athletics tribal players) (Shahdol Athletics Players)

Shahdol. It is said that India is such a big country, yet why does it get less medals in athletics in the Olympics, then the biggest reason for this is the lack of proper arrangements for athletics players. Shahdol is a tribal dominated district. There are many such athletics players here who can do wonders if they get better arrangements, but the new rules of the Athletics Federation of India are now coming in the way of the game of these poor players. Players who do not have a better diet system, from where will they be able to bring so much money to participate in this game. The effect of this is that, now players are slowly getting disillusioned with athletics.(Shahdol Stadium Athletics Game) (Shahdol Stadium Athletics tribal players) (Shahdol Athletics Players)

New rules are being created: after all, why are athletics players getting disillusioned here. To know this, we talked to the players only, then they say that the new rule of AFI has brought a lot of problems now. We talked to all kinds of players, whether it is a shot put player. Be it long jumper or high jumper, everyone has to say that, earlier it was not much effort to participate in the sport, but now to become an athlete, the code has to be generated first. For this a fee of 500 has to be paid. If the approval is not received in that too, then the fee is also deducted.

Disillusioned with the game, where to get money: Players say that these days they are facing a lot of problems regarding the game. In State Open and National Open, a fee of Rs 600 has to be deposited for each event. The players said that from where will they be able to bring so much money. If you look at the travel expenses, the cost of food and the fees for participating in the game, then 10 to 12 thousand are spent in a one-time tour. So from where will you get so much money? This is the reason, now players are getting disillusioned with the sport of athletics. Even some players who are coming to practice, they are very disappointed about this system, they are desperate.

No money for diet: Shahdol district is a tribal dominated district. There are more players from poor section here. Their game is very good, but due to lack of diet, they have to face problems. Somehow, even if the diet was arranged through social workers, now the way AFI has increased the entry fee for open games in its new rules. The players are facing problems due to this.

Inflation hit in the game: These poor players say that, if there is no money for proper diet here, then from where will they bring so much money to participate in the game. Now even the sport of athletics is getting hit by inflation. Players say that, now the career in athletics seems to be in darkness. The cleverness lies in turning oneself towards sports other than athletics.

The coach also worried:Regarding the disillusionment of athletics players with the game of athletics, athletics coach Dhirendra Singh says that a new rule has come in athletics for the last 5 months. In this, the athlete first has to take a member ship. In which Rs 500 is charged for code generation. After which when this code is generated. After that whenever according to the sports calendar, whatever disciplines of athletics are there. Open state level and national level, but for the state level, the event is taking 600 rupees separately, the system which was earlier, it has been the last 17 years, while giving coaching to athletics, we used to make our own efforts while taking the team. . Because the entry fee which used to be earlier is very nominal. The event was at 5 to 10 rupees. So we did not let the players know that you are also charging entry fees in this. We used to deposit that fee ourselves.

Changes in AFI: Railways also used to give concession to these players earlier. State level through AFI but now this too has stopped. From there the concession has also stopped coming. Although railway provides many facilities for the student, but when we get the concession slip, we will be able to take advantage of it but the same is not available from AFI side. Secondly, when they used to go there, a stall was set up for diet in the morning and evening on no profit no loss for money, which was a great relief for the athletes. (Shahdol Stadium Athletics tribal players)

Earlier it was cheap accommodation: In the same way, cheap accommodation was provided to them for housing, but the present situation has become that, if an athlete wants to participate, then he has to make an effort of 10 to 12 thousand rupees. After this, it has become a big problem for the people of the middle class who are the people of the poor section as well. Have a participation. Of course, when more and more participants come, the players will be inclined towards good performance.

Children also have less interest in sports: Let us tell you that athletics is a game from which all athletes come out. If there is such a system, then the poor will not be a participant. After such an arrangement, children’s interest towards sports has also reduced. Sometimes 15 to 20 children used to come to this ground, but now they are seeing their future in this game in the dark. Apart from this, AFI has issued another rule. If you participate in the state and run 400 meters, then you need a timing of at least 52 seconds. If you do not pass this time then you will not even get the certificate. In this way, even if an athlete goes, he does not get the certificate. (Shahdol Stadium Athletics Game)

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