The Main Road Of Dwarka Became A Pond, The Dirty Water Of The Sewer Accumulated On The Road


Due to the accumulation of sewer water on the main road of Dwarka, the local people as well as the passers-by are troubled. Due to water logging, people do not even know about the pits here, due to which often small and big vehicles get stuck here.

New Delhi: In Delhi’s suburban Dwarka Sector-16, dirty sewer water flowing on the road for some time has become a problem for the local people as well as the passers-by. Thousands of people pass through this road every day, despite this the problem remains the same.

The pictures are of Dwarka Sector 16, in which once you see the water on the main road of Dwarka, you will be confused whether it is a road or a pond. This is the condition of the road when it is not raining. It can be easily guessed that when it rains, how will the situation here. Due to the accumulated water on the roads, people do not even know about the potholes here, due to which often small and big vehicles keep getting stuck in it.

Due to the proximity of Dwarka’s main road and metro, thousands of people are forced to face this foul-smelling problem every day. Local people told that complaints were made many times regarding this problem. Two machines have been installed to extract water, at present water is being extracted from only one machine. The more water that is taken out from it, the more it comes back on the road.

People say that this is a very busy road, there are continuous vehicles running on it. From this road people go to Gurugram and on the other side to Palam. There is also a police colony here, in which policemen live, but all pass through dirty water here.

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