The Name Is Big And The Philosophy Is Small, The Condition Of Jasidih Station Is Called The Entrance Of Santhal Pargana.


Passengers are not getting even basic facilities at Jasidih station in Deoghar, which is called the gateway of Santhal Pargana. The members of the Passenger Facilitation Committee constituted by the Ministry of Railways, Government of India have said this after inspecting the Passenger Facilitation Committee inspect at Jasidih station.

Deoghar: Passengers do not get any facilities in Jasidih station, which is in A category under Asansol Rail Division and highest earning. There are no basic facilities like drinking water and no toilet facilities. This is to say of the Passenger Facilitation Committee constituted by the Ministry of Railways, Government of India (Passenger Facilitation Committee inspect at Jasidih station).

Lack of facilities: Jasidih railway station of Deoghar is said to be the gateway of Santhal Pargana. Being a pilgrimage site, there is a daily movement of lakhs of travelers throughout the year. Travelers from all over the country and abroad keep coming and going here throughout the years. But these passengers have to remain deprived of the facilities available at the railway station.

Inspection work went on for 2 hours: Many members of the Passenger Facilitation Committee at Jasidih station inspected for about 2 hours and many flaws were found in it. Committee members have also expressed their displeasure over this. Expressing displeasure over the basic facilities being provided to the passengers after the inspection, the members of the committee have taken a jibe at the railway management. 

They have alleged that when a committee nominated by the Government of India comes to inspect, senior railway officials are also present with them. But the officers of Asansol Railway Division are busy in their tune. They don’t care about the basic amenities of the passengers. 

The Prime Minister of the country is ready to provide all possible facilities to the passengers including hi-tech to the railways, but the railway officials are throwing water on it.

After not getting basic facilities at Jasidih station, the members of the committee have also made serious allegations against the top railway officials including the station manager. The committee will hand over the copy of its inspection and displeasure to the Government of India including the Ministry of Railways. In view of the problems of the passengers, we will demand the strictest action against the railway officials.

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