Vegetable Prices Skyrocketing, Lemon And Chilli Again Scored A Century


The prices of fruits and vegetables are changing daily in Haryana. Fluctuations in the price of green vegetables are being seen in the state every day. Today again Haryana Vegetable Market Association has issued new prices (Fruits and Vegetables Price in Haryana). Know what are the prices of fruits and vegetables in Haryana today.

Karnal : Fruits and Vegetables Price in Haryana has been released. There is a daily fluctuation in the price of green vegetables including potatoes, tomatoes, onions. The effect of rain in the state last week is being seen in the price of vegetables. If we talk about peas, then the prices of peas are touching the sky, which is far from the reach of common man.

Peas are getting today at the rate of ₹ 210 per kg. The main reason for this being expensive is being told that peas from other states are reaching Haryana’s vegetable market and peas are reaching here only in small quantities. Due to which it has become expensive. Due to rain in Haryana, ginger has become expensive by Rs 70 per kg. At the same time, lemon is being sold up to Rs 100 per kg in the mandis of Haryana. Tomato Price in Haryana has gone up to Rs 60 per kg.

Vegetableprice per kilo
Carrot60 rupees
potato25 rupees
tomato60 rupees
Cauliflower50 rupees
OnionRs 35
Cucumber30 rupees
spinach50 rupees
CorianderRs 140
LemonRs 100
CapsicumRs 140
Raddish40 rupees
Ginger70 rupees
mushroom130 rupees
France Bean70 rupees
Green chilliRs 100
ladyfinger60 rupees
Gourd40 rupees
Pumpkin30 rupees
Ridge gourd60 rupees
Bitter gourd60 rupees
Pea210 rupees

On the other hand, there is no significant fluctuation in the price of fruits in Haryana, but it is expected that the prices of fruits may also increase in the coming festive season. According to the latest released prices, bananas are being sold in Haryana at Rs 50 per dozen. At the same time, pomegranate is being sold at Rs 200 per kg and apple at Rs 80 per kg. Let’s know what is the price of fruits in Haryana today

fruitPrice per kg/dozen
Apple80 rupees
banana50 rupees
Pomegranate200 rupees
seasonal50 rupees
coconut water60 rupees
Papaya40 rupees
Guava80 rupees
Orange90 rupees
coconut water60 rupees

It is raining heavily in Haryana these days. Due to which crops and vegetables got spoiled in the fields itself. Because of this, vegetables have also become expensive. On the other hand, there is no significant fluctuation in the price of fruits, but it is expected that in the coming time, the prices of fruits may also come down a bit. These days the arrival of fruits and vegetables in the mandis is improving.

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