While Waiting For The Doctor In The Hospital, The Pregnant Broke Down, The Family Created A Ruckus


A pregnant woman died in agony while waiting for a doctor in Aligarh hospital. On the death of the pregnant family members created a ruckus in the hospital.

Aligarh: Due to the negligence of the hospital in the district , a pregnant woman died on Friday night. Actually, hospitals are not being operated as per the standard in the countryside. When the pregnant had labor pains, she was admitted to the Saawariya Hospital in the morning. 

But, there was no female doctor present in the hospital. The pregnant did not get treatment. The doctor was assured of coming to the hospital. At the same time, when the condition of the woman deteriorated, she was referred for medical. But, the woman died on the way. Angered by this, people fiercely created a ruckus against the hospital. During this, the police force also reached the spot. The family members of the victims have demanded action by accusing the hospital of negligence.

Jasoda Devi, a resident of Shahnaul Kajmabad in Thana Atrauli, suffered labor pain. He was admitted to Saawariya Hospital on Friday. But, the hospital operators could not call the doctor on the spot. 

By the time the doctor arrived after 3 hours, the woman’s condition had deteriorated. During this, the family members were not allowed to meet the patient.

At the same time, due to the critical condition of the pregnant, the hospital referred the woman to the medical college. But, the woman died as soon as she came out of the doorway of the hospital.

Ram Niwas, the husband of the deceased woman, told that Sanwaria had come to the hospital for the delivery of the wife. The patient was kept for a long time. Neither the doctor could be called, nor the treatment could be given. The hospital operator kept him in deception. 

Medical referral was made when the condition worsened. The wife died on the way. The family members were enraged by the death of the patient and created a ruckus in the hospital. Police force was deployed when a large number of villagers reached the hospital. The police reached the spot, pacified the family members and assured them of taking appropriate action.

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