This Is The New ‘mantra’ To Inspire Spinal Health Around The World


With the aim of motivating to maintain spinal health around the world and to create awareness about Waist pain and other spine diseases and their treatment. World Spine Day is celebrated on 16 October. World Spine Day theme every spine counts. Spinal diseases. This is the new ‘mantra’ to inspire spinal health worldwide

The number of back pain patients around the world is increasing continuously in the last few years. Back pain is usually caused due to poor posture, accidents, fast-paced life, bad roads, lack of nutrition and many other reasons due to affecting the spinal cord which is considered to be the base of our body. Even at times, problems in the spinal cord can also cause disability in the person. Spinal diseases. World Spine Day theme every spine counts. World Spine Day 16 October.

World Spine Day is celebrated every year on 16 October to make people aware of the importance of a healthy spine and to make them aware of spinal diseases and their treatments. This year this fourteenth annual campaign is being celebrated on the theme #EVERYSPINECOUNTS.

History: World Spine Day was started by the World Federation of Chiropractic in 2008. The main objective of which was to create a platform on the global stage to raise awareness about back pain and other spinal issues. It was celebrated for the first time in the year 2012 with a theme “Straighten Up and Move”. Significantly, back pain or spinal pain has always been a common disease in humans. The reasons and remedies responsible for this problem are also mentioned in many ancient surgical texts.

Over time, there has been a lot of progress in the field of knowing the causes of back pain and in the investigation and treatment of the severity of problems related to the spinal cord. The introduction of new imaging techniques such as X-rays in this area, and then by the 1980s, CT scans and MRIs, made investigation of the causes of back pain or spinal pain much more accessible. In the present time, these testing techniques have become very advanced. At the same time, state-of-the-art treatment is available for the treatment of spinal problems, even for surgery. It is worth noting that on this World Spine Day held annually, more than 800 government, non-government, medical and social organizations from all over the world organize various types of awareness programs and campaigns.

#EVERYSPINECOUNTS : This year #EVERYSPINECOUNTS has been selected as the theme of the World Spine Day theme every spine counts with a specific purpose. Indeed, this topic throws light on the diverse challenges associated with living with spinal pain from all regions, cultures, backgrounds and throughout life. This time the theme aims to encourage people globally to improve lifestyle to maintain spinal health, be physically active, overcome nutritional deficiencies to maintain healthy body health, especially of the spine. To encourage the adoption of diet and other means such as supplements when needed and to incorporate healthy habits in their daily routine.

In addition, educating the public about the factors that affect spinal health, addressing the need for access to quality and essential spinal health services around the world, and the diverse challenges of living with low back pain for a lifetime. It is also the main purpose of choosing this theme.

It is important to consult a doctor: According to various statistics, an estimated one billion people worldwide are suffering from spinal pain. It can affect people suffering for life and sometimes it can also cause disability in a large number of people. Our spinal cord is the basis of our body’s standing, so having a pain, problem or disease in the spine can affect our body’s ability to function. Not only this, sometimes this problem can also affect other parts of the body and their functions.

Many people also ignore back pain for a long time and keep on using pain killer medicines and pain relief balms to get relief. Which also cause harm to health many times. Experts believe that if the back pain is not getting better for more than 3 weeks, due to it there is a problem in standing, lying down or sitting and numbness is felt in the hands and feet, then check with an orthopedic specialist immediately. And counseling becomes necessary.


Apart from this, it can be beneficial to take some special precautions to avoid backache or spinal problems and to take care in case of pain. Some of which are as follows.

Leaning forward and lifting weights or heavy objects should be avoided. Always lift things while bending at your knees and keeping the spine straight.

Posture should always be taken care of. Whether you are sitting or standing, the neck, shoulders and spine should always be straight.

One should not sit in one posture for a long time, but take short breaks every hour and walk for a few minutes.

One should avoid looking at mobile or working on laptop by bending the neck, shoulders and waist. On the other hand, one should avoid watching TV while sitting in a semi-recumbent position i.e. half-lying on the bed and half-sitting with shoulders and waist.

Preference should be given to foods rich in calcium, vitamin D and bone-strengthening nutrition in the diet.

Lifestyle should be active and regular exercise should be included in the routine.

To keep bones strong and disease free in old age, bone density and bone health should be checked.

The pain should never be ignored and the doctor should be contacted immediately if the problem worsens.

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