Chinese Communist Party Convention: Xi Set To Become President For The Third Time


The main session of the ruling Communist Party of China began today. In which the decision to appoint new top officers will be taken. In this, President Xi Jinping is set to be elected for a record third term.

Beijing: The main session of the ruling Communist Party of China began today. Chinese state media said China’s Supreme Leader Xi Jinping on Sunday opened the ruling Communist Party’s twice-in-a-decade national congress. According to the Global Times report, the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CCP) began at 10 am in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. In which the decision to appoint new top officers will be taken. In this, President Xi Jinping is set to be elected for a record third term.

Initiating the convention, Xi said the party was committed to safeguarding national security, maintaining social stability, protecting people’s lives and controlling the situation in Hong Kong. On Taiwan, Xi said that we have waged a great struggle against separatism and interference, demonstrating our determination and ability to defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the state and to oppose Taiwan’s independence. Xi said the party of 96 million members has won the biggest fight against poverty in human history. The delegates present in the meeting supported Xi’s words with loud applause.

With this appointment of Jinping, the three-decade-old norm of appointing top leaders for a maximum of 10 years will end. At the week-long 20th Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), 2,296 ‘elected’ delegates will attend a secret meeting under the criteria and guidelines set by Jinping. This convention is being organized amidst all the protests. Barring Jinping (69), all top leaders, including the number two leader, Premier Li Keqiang, will face a massive reshuffle in the coming days. In this reshuffle, someone else will replace the outgoing Foreign Minister Wang Yi. Spokesperson for the convention, Sun Yeli, while answering selected questions from local and foreign media at a press conference here on Saturday, said that the Congress would run from October 16 to 22.

Sun, without commenting on Jinping’s possible third term, said that the convention will cover key theoretical ideas and strategic thinking to be established, and the latest achievements in adapting Marxism entirely according to the Chinese context and the need of the hour, under the amendment. will also be included. A banner protesting Jinping’s unpopular anti-Covid policy and authoritarian rule in the northwest region of the capital Beijing was seen in photos going viral on social media on Thursday ahead of the convention to be held every five years.

Anti-Jinping and unpopular anti-Covid plans are being raised in some places through battery-operated loudspeakers. After this incident, security arrangements have been tightened in Beijing. According to the report, some areas of the city have been almost closed. Police have been deployed on several overpasses. There is also growing discontent in the party over Xi’s massive anti-corruption crackdown on officials over the past 10 years, observers say amid concerns and discontent over rising unemployment in the country.

These include lakhs of officers including punished top officers of the army. From the very first day of taking power in the year 2012, Jinping started a strict campaign against corruption. Wang Jiangwei, former editor-in-chief of Hong Kong newspaper ‘South China Morning Post’, said that if there was only one ‘specs’ to explain the remarkable rise of Chinese President Xi Jinping over the past decade, it would be his anti-corruption campaign. Would. The four-day preparatory meeting that ended on October 12, ahead of the convention, showed strong signs of Jinping remaining in power. About 400 senior officers participated in this preparatory meeting. To ensure the continuity of Jinping’s power, China’s constitution has been amended by the country’s parliament ‘National People’s Congress’ (NPC) in 2018.

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