Vaishali Thakkar Suicide: Accused And His Wife Arrested For Abetting Tv Actress Suicide, Suicide Note Surfaced


In the suicide case of TV actress Vaishali Thakkar living in Sai Bagh Colony of Tejaji Nagar police station area, the police have taken into custody the neighboring youth Rahul and his wife, who harassed the actress late at night. Vaishali Thakkar has written in the suicide note that Rahul was harassing her for the last two and a half years. Her engagement was also broken because of Rahul, due to which she took a step like suicide. (Famous TV Actress Vaishali Thakkar) (Vaishali Thakkar Suicide Case) (Vaishali Thakkar Accused Rahul arrested) (Vaishali Thakkar Suicide Note found)

Indore. TV serial actress Vaishali Thakkar, living in Tejaji Nagar police station area of ​​the city, committed suicide by hanging herself. In this case, the police have arrested his neighbor Rahul and his wife. He has been accused of abetting Vaishali to commit suicide. At the same time, the police have also recovered a suicide note from the deceased. Police is busy interrogating the accused caught in the whole case. (Vaishali Thakkar suicide in Indore)

The accused was harassing for two and a half years: In the suicide case of TV actress Vaishali Thakkar living in Sai Bagh Colony of Tejaji Nagar police station area, the police have taken Rahul and his wife into custody, who harassed the actress late at night. Let us inform that the deceased actress has also written a suicide note in which she wrote that Rahul was troubling her mentally for the last two and a half years, after my suicide, Mummy Papa, you must punish Rahul, with this finally Mummy Papa came. I Quiet was written by writing love you.

Police recovered suicide note: Police had confiscated the suicide note, on the basis of the suicide note, the police was looking for the accused Rahul, who arrested him and his wife by raiding his whereabouts late on Sunday night. The police has sent the handwriting of the suicide note to the handwriting expert for investigation. At the same time, the accused Rahul and his wife are also being interrogated continuously.

Vaishali’s engagement was broken due to the accused: Investigation also revealed that Vaishali had engaged to Kenyan businessman Abhinandan in California in April. On October 20, he was about to get married in the court, after Rahul came to know about this, after which Rahul had given wrong information to his fiancée about the character of the actress, after which his engagement broke up. Let us inform that actress Vaishali had come into the limelight when a video was released calling the suicide of actor Sushant Singh a murder, in which she made people aware to take steps like not committing suicide, but the way she committed suicide. Committed suicide, his depression can be understood.

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