Chhattisgarh Gold Silver Rate: Raipur Bullion Market Today’s Price


Chhattisgarh bullion market today: The ups and downs continue in Raipur bullion market. Gold and silver prices are increasing in view of the festive season. Gold is beyond 53 thousand. Silver is Rs 62000 a kg. raipur gold price in hindi

Raipur: The prices of gold and silver are increasing continuously for the last few days. After the opening of the bullion market, the price of 24 carat gold is Rs 53400 per 10 grams. The price of silver is Rs 62000 per kg. The price of 22 carat gold is Rs 49100 per ten grams. Dum of 20 carat gold is Rs 44850 per ten grams. chhattisgarh bullion market today

This is how the price of gold is decided: Most of the gold jewelery is made in 22 carat (22 Carat Gold). On the basis of this the price of the jewelery is also decided. The price of gold jewelery is decided on the basis of the market price of gold as well as the purity of the gold, making charges, weight of gold and GST. Price of Jewelery = Price of one gram of gold x Weight of gold ornaments + Making charge per gram + GST ​​is calculated. A Goods and Services Tax (GST) of 3 per cent is levied on the value and making charges of gold jewelery purchased. gold silver price raipur

Identifying the purity of Yellow Gold: 24 Carat Gold is the purest. Generally 22 carat gold is used to make jewellery, in which 91.66 percent gold is present. If you take 22 carat gold jewelry, then you should know that 22 carat gold with 2 carat other metal has been mixed in it. There are 5 types of marks related to the hallmark on gold regarding purity in the jewelry, and these marks are in the jewelry.

Know Rate With Missed Call : To know the retail rate of 22 carat and 18 carat gold jewellery, you can give a missed call on 8955664433 (Know Rate With Missed Call). Rates will be received through SMS in a while. Apart from this, you can visit for information about continuous updates (Today Gold Update).

Gold and silver price today: While buying jewelry (Quality of Gold) take special care of the hallmark. Hallmarking guarantees that the item sold by the shopkeeper to the customer is of the same carat as written on the jewellery. Hallmarking is done under the Bureau of Indian Standards Act.

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