Raipur Mandi Bhav Today: Raipur Vegetable Market Rate Today


Raipur Sabzi Mandi Rate Today There is a fluctuating price of fruits and vegetables in Raipur Mandi. Vegetable prices have been stagnant for the past few days. The rate of green vegetables along with onions, potatoes is fine. The prices of coriander leaves are touching the sky. Ginger prices have increased. chhattisgarh news

Raipur: The price of vegetables is stable in the vegetable market of Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh. The prices of tomatoes, onions, potatoes are under control. The price of leafy vegetables is a bit high. Coriander leaves have become 200 rupees per kg. The prices of cabbage, bitter gourd have increased. Radish is 40 rupees. Lemon is getting 3 out of 10. Kundru is also getting 40 rupees per kg. Ginger prices are increasing slightly due to monsoon season. vegetable price in raipur

price of vegetables in raipur vegetable price raipur

vegetablesRate (per kg)vegetablesRate (per kg)vegetablesRate (per kg)
Onion₹ 20barbarity₹ 40leafy vegetables₹ 40
potato₹ 25ladyfinger₹ 30lump cabbage₹60
tomato₹ 30Beans₹ 40Cauliflower₹ 60
Eggplant₹ 40Ginger₹ 80Raddish₹ 40
Bitter gourd₹ 60Green chilli₹ 80munga₹ 40
cabbage₹ 40coriander leaves₹ 200Jackfruit₹ 40
Gourd₹ 20garlic₹60Gilki₹ 40
Pumpkin₹ 30Lemon₹ 10 ( 3 )Cucumber₹ 20
Capsicum₹ 40Banana (raw)₹ 20Raw banana₹30
cucumber₹ 30Beetroot₹ 40kundru₹40

fruit rates

fruitRate (per kilo\ dozen)
save₹ 50
banana₹ 40 dozen
Pomegranate₹ 100
Papaya₹ 40

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