‘some People Feel That The Way To Heaven Passes Through Pm’s Chair’, Sudhakar Targets Nitish


Former Minister Sudhakar Singh once again said that Nitish Kumar is anxious to become the Prime Minister, he also said that all the ministers of today are peons, to say that they are ministers but in the eyes of the government, they are peons. , is the rubber stamp.

Kaimur: RJD leader and former minister of Bihar government Sudhakar Singh has once again made a big attack on CM Nitish Kumar. The former minister said that Nitish Kumar is anxious to become the Prime Minister. If he does not become the Prime Minister, then his soul will remain dissatisfied. He said that the Prime Minister’s chair is the way to heaven, if he becomes the PM, he will get a place in heaven. The former minister also said that today’s ministers are all peons, rubber stamps.

‘All the ministers of today are peons’: The former agriculture minister did not stop here, he questioned his own government and said that the government is there for 17 years, the government is the same old, we have come new in it, now new people How much is heard? All the ministers of today are peons, there are ministers to say, but in the eyes of the government there is a peon, there is a rubber stamp, if the secretary brings the file, the minister signs that my master does not get angry. The master is called the one who is the leader of the party.

“There is a government for 17 years, we have come new, you people are watching, how much talk of the new people is heard. All the ministers of today are peons, to say they are ministers but in the eyes of the government they are peons. , there is a rubber stamp, if the secretary brings the file, the minister signs that my master should not get angry.

Our party leaders are good but the party next with which the government is running, if they are good, then for 17 years Why were we different and when we have come together that we are good, then something should be heard from us. This government is running in the role of master mukhtar. One boss is the rest all the mukhtar people, will democracy run like this” – Sudhakar Singh, Former Minister

Did not answer the questions of journalists: RJD leader Sudhakar Singh also said that we were made Agriculture Minister and when we could not explain the farmers’ point to the Chief Minister, then what is the use of being our minister. At the same time, at the end of the meeting, when the journalists tried to get some other information from the former minister Sudhakar Singh, he refused to give a statement. He said that he has given speeches for so long, he will write something out of that.

Former minister had arrived at the function of tribal society: In fact, on Sunday, former Agriculture Minister of Bihar government, Sudhakar Singh had reached the reception ceremony of tribal society in the courtyard of the middle school located in Hata Nagar Panchayat of Chainpur block area of ​​Kaimur district, where by the local people He was welcomed with a garland of flowers. 

After the ceremony, the problems of Kharwar tribal society were discussed, where former minister Sudhakar Singh said that Kharwar caste has got the identity of tribal but other rights have been taken away. You have to fight your own battle, don’t trust MP MLA whether he is sitting in Chainpur or Patna. 

He will say something to you and go to Patna and say something. You have to fight your own battle. During this, the former minister said many things in gestures and took out a lot of anger on the Bihar government.

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