If You Want To Be Free From Financial Stress Then Buy Health Insurance


We are all aware of the requirements of health insurance, but many times do not consider it due to financial conditions. But, as you get older, your chances of getting sick increase. If something happens to you, then along with you, your family also suffers those situations. Therefore, it is better that you definitely buy some health insurance. What precautions should be taken while buying it, read the full news.

Hyderabad: What is your financial backup if the earning member of the family ie the earning member dies. This question is very important. Have you planned it? Have you thought of anything for your family? If faced with a situation like this, what would your family do? Obviously, these are questions for which only you have the solution. This is the reason why it is said that every person should spend some money on insurance. The best option is health insurance. But of course you need to be very careful and aware while choosing health insurance. If you choose such an insurance policy, then it can be useful for you in case of health emergency.

As the age progresses, the chances of getting infected with the disease are more and more. Lifestyle related diseases also increase. Once you cross the age of 30, diseases like diabetes, BP become very common. Rather, even at a young age, heart disease, kidney disease are also becoming common. Obviously, in such a situation, it is very important for you to have health insurance.

Whenever you opt for health insurance, cost is a big factor. You may not be able to decide on the amount to be insured. Those who are working people, they get the benefit of group insurance from the company. Apart from this, many people also take a separate policy. Before buying it, we should think thoroughly whether we are buying health insurance for ourselves or for the whole family. Nowadays many companies are providing health insurance to the whole family.

Also, we have to get a holistic view of the health profile of our entire family and also list our existing ailments, if any. Medical cost increases with time. This should be kept in mind while selecting the total amount for which we should take a health policy. A policy that takes care of us till the end of life is the best. Also, it is important to choose companies that have a good track record in claim payments.

Many people take insurance very carelessly due to overconfidence and often ask whether it is necessary to take a health policy if one is healthy and fit. It is always safe to take health insurance at a young age and without fail, that too when you are less than 30 years of age. Pre-medical test has been made mandatory before taking the policy. Companies will be hesitant to give a policy if they are overweight. Even when they pay, they collect high premiums. However, there are exemptions for such pre-existing diseases. But companies will not provide coverage for three to four years. Also, there will be no immediate compensation. So it is better to take health insurance when we are healthy.

It also makes good sense when we take the right policy at the right time. We should check the terms and conditions of the policy thoroughly before taking it. The policy should cover expenses without any condition or sub-limit. Some policies state that only a certain percentage will be paid for hospital room, ICU and treatment. Such policies should be strictly avoided.

Policyholders should ensure that they do not get any claim bonus in a year when they have not made any claim. The policy should also cover pre-hospitalization expenses and post-discharge expenses. Claims must be paid for advanced medical treatment procedures. There should be facility to cover for treatment abroad. Preference should be given to those insurance companies having the largest network of hospitals.

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