Influx Of Omicron Sub Variant Bf.7, Which Forced China To Lockdown, Increased Tension


The first case of BF.7 has been detected in India by Gujarat Biotechnology Research Center. The WHO has warned against the highly contagious BF.7 subvariant. Omicron sub variants BF7 and BA517 in china . Omicron sub variants bf7 in India detected by Gujarat biotechnology research center .

New Delhi: While a decline in fresh Kovid cases is being recorded, on the other hand there is now another danger looming. A new Omicron sub variant is creating a new threat in the country. According to some reports, the first case of BF7 has been detected by the Gujarat Biotechnology Research Center. This new Omicron variant is also known to be highly contagious and has a high transmission potential.

After emerging from a region in Mongolia in China, Omicron sub-variants ‘BA.5.1.7 and BF7’ are now making their way to other parts and posing new threats. Reportedly, Omicron variants bf.7 and ba.5.1.7 are responsible for the recent surge in Covid-19 cases in China. However, experts have advised precaution and proper handling of Covid ahead of the upcoming festive season. India’s daily positivity rate was reported to be 1.86%, while the weekly positivity rate is currently 1.02% on Monday. The new cases of Kovid that have come up in the last twenty four hours have been announced by the Union Health Ministry this morning. More than one and a half thousand new patients of corona virus appeared in the country. In the last twenty four hours, 1542 new patients have appeared and a total of 1919 people have been cured.

Lockdown and travel restrictions in China: China once again imposed lockdown and travel restrictions last week amid the growing outbreak of Kovid-19. Simultaneously, the country has detected new Omicron sub-variants BF.7 and BA.5.1.7 (Omicron sub variants BF7 and BA517), which are highly contagious with high transmissibility. BF.7 (also known as BA.2.75.2) is a sub-lineage of the Kovid Omicron variant BA.5.2.1. According to local reports, BF.7 was detected in Yantai and Shoguan city on October 4. According to the report of Global Times, the sub-variant BA.5.1.7 was found for the first time in China (Lockdown in China).

World Health Organization WHO:The World Health Organization warned against the highly contagious BF.7 subvariant. Meanwhile, holiday spending during China’s Golden Week has fallen to its lowest level in seven years, as widespread Covid has discouraged people from travelling. For local officials, the double whammy on zero-Covid is a way to cross the party line, a way to demonstrate their loyalty to President Xi Jingping and prevent any large-scale outbreaks that may come from the party Congress. The first could put his career at risk. New Covid cases are rising in China, prompting many local authorities to tighten movement controls. Three of Shanghai’s downtown districts on Monday temporarily closed entertainment venues such as internet cafes, according to official announcements. ordered to close. –agency

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