The Problem Of Tonsillitis In Children And Adults Can Be Serious If Not Paid Attention


ENT specialist Dr Balwinder Singh explains that Tonsillitis is considered to be a common problem in children (this does not mean that it cannot occur in adults) which usually occurs due to viral and bacterial infections. On the other hand, the problem of Tonsillitis can also give serious consequences if not much attention or care is taken about this problem which is generally considered to be common. Tonsillitis in children. Tonsillitis problem tonsillitis diseases causes symptoms treatment tonsillitis.

Usually, when the weather changes, flu and viral infections cause complaints of sore throat in both adults and children. In most cases, tonsillitis ie inflammation in the tonsils is believed to be responsible for this. Although tonsillitis is a common problem, but sometimes due to lack of proper treatment or other reasons, it can also give serious effects. To know about what is tonsillitis and what are its effects, ETV Bharat Sukhi Bhava spoke to Dr Balwinder Singh, Nose, Ear, Throat Specialist Dr Balwinder in Chandigarh. Singh Chandigarh).

In general, when the effect of bacteria or virus is reduced by treatment and by following some precautions, this problem gets cured easily. But sometimes in some special circumstances or if there is no proper treatment, it can affect in severe form for a long time. For example, the swelling of tonsils increases, their color changes and patches of different colors appear on them etc. Even at times pus can also be found in them. Due to which the victim starts having trouble in eating, drinking, speaking and even sometimes sleeping. At the same time, if this problem increases more or starts happening again and again, then it becomes necessary to remove the tonsils, for which the help of surgery is also taken.

May be adults: ENT specialist Dr Balwinder Singh explains that tonsils are the part or organs of our throat which are on both sides of the throat. Generally, tonsils get swollen due to change in weather or due to other conditions like viral infection, flu or exposure to certain bacteria or viruses. This condition is called tonsillitis. It is an infectious disease. Dr Balwinder Singh Chandigarh explains that in general, common tonsillitis affects children more than 5 to 15 years of age but that does not mean that it cannot happen to adults.

Types of
Tonsillitis Dr Balwinder Singh ENT specialist explains that on the basis of the severity of tonsillitis, its frequency and its effects, its six main types are considered.

  • Acute Tonsillitis: In this type of tonsillitis, a gray (gray) or white colored coating starts to form on the tonsils when infected by any bacteria or virus. In this stage, there may be a problem of fever along with swelling and soreness in the throat. Acute tonsillitis gets cured quickly with the right care and treatment.
  • Chronic Tonsillitis: Acute tonsillitis occurring frequently or at short intervals is classified as chronic tonsillitis.
  • Strep Throat: Strep throat is caused by a bacteria called Streptococcus. This type of infection is considered serious. In this, along with sore throat and fever, problems like neck pain and throat congestion can also occur.
  • Acute Mononucleosis: The “Epstein-Barr” virus is generally believed to be responsible for this. In this problem, there may be a sore throat, rash, fever and fatigue with severe swelling in the tonsils.
  • Peritonsillar abscess: This is considered to be one of the severe types of tonsillitis as pus starts to accumulate around the tonsils and sometimes boils also start forming. It is very important to dry the peritonsillar abscess immediately.
  • Tonsil Stones (Tonsilloliths): When the infection progresses in the tonsils, sometimes lumps are formed in their fibers, which is called tonsil stones. At the same time, due to some kind of waste getting trapped in the tonsils during infection and then their hardening can also lead to tonsil stones or tonsilloliths.

Dr Balwinder Singh explains that whatever be the reason, it is very important to check with the doctor, complete the course of medicines prescribed by him and follow other precautions as soon as he gets information about the problem in tonsils. The victim should avoid using any medicine not only in this problem but in any disease or problem without medical advice.

Symptoms of Tonsillitis: He says that when there is swelling in the tonsils, along with the pain in the throat, the color of the tonsils also starts turning pink to reddish red. Apart from this, sometimes yellow, white and gray (gray) stains or patches also appear on them, but the symptoms of tonsillitis are not only that. Apart from these, there can be many symptoms of different types of tonsillitis. Some of which are as follows.

sore throat and pain

difficulty or pain swallowing anything

sore throat to ear

having a fever

enlarged lymph nodes in the neck

voice change or hoarseness

bad breath

stomach ache and headache

neck pain and stiffness

difficulty speaking

Dr Singh explains that when this problem increases in more young children, along with other symptoms, symptoms like excessive salivation, crying in eating and drinking anything and being hyper are also seen. These symptoms should not be ignored at all and the child should be shown to the doctor immediately. He explains that in general, a course of antibiotics gives relief in the problem of tonsillitis. However, sometimes it becomes necessary to remove the tonsils at short intervals for recurrent infections or for the treatment of bacterial tonsillitis. For which the help of surgery is taken.

Precautions: He explains that since this problem is contagious, it is necessary to take care of some precautions. For example, people who have tonsillitis problems, especially children, should keep some distance from others. Children should not be sent to school, the victim’s toothbrush should be kept separate from others, they should cover their nose and mouth with handkerchief while coughing or sneezing and should take care of complete hygiene.

Apart from this, keeping some other things in mind can also provide some relief in the problem of tonsillitis. Some of which are as follows.

Gargling with warm water mixed with salt at least twice a day can provide relief in this problem.

Consumption of light hot water or hot soup also gives relief in the throat, avoid talking too much.

Apart from this, such food should be taken which is easy to swallow, such as khichdi, thin lentils or roti with vegetables etc.

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