Cashew Kalash Sweet Is Being Discussed In Kasganj, What Is Its Specialty


The sweet of cashew urn remains a topic of discussion in Kasganj. This cashew urn is made of pistachios and is filled with chilgoza and kishori pistachios and saffron. The cost of this sweet is 20 thousand rupees per kg.

Kasganj: Markets are decorated on the occasion of Diwali. Different types of sweets are seen in sweet shops. But, this Diwali, a sweet that remains a topic of discussion in Kasganj, UP, its name is Kaju Kalash. You will be surprised to know the price of this cashew urn. The price of this cashew urn is 20 thousand rupees per kg. This is no ordinary cashew urn. After all, what is the specialty of this cashew urn, let us know in this special report of ETV India.

Kasganj of UP is famous for all the mythological heritage. It is also known as the pilgrimage city of Soron, the birth place of Goswami Tulsidas ji. Amar Shaheed Mahavir Singh and famous Sufi saint Amir Khusro Saheb were also born here. It is also the place where Guru Dronacharya taught archery to the Pandavas. But, this time Kasganj is being discussed about a different topic. Actually, this Diwali in Kasganj, the sweet of cashew urn remains a topic of discussion. However, cashew urns are common at sweet shops. But, this cashew kalash is very special.

Rajat Maheshwari of Roshan Lal Sweets, an 80-year-old sweet seller who made this special cashew urn, says that I always try new things. This time we have experimented with making a special type of cashew kalash. This cashew urn is made of pistachios and is filled with chilgoza and kishori pistachios and saffron. It has 100% pure 24 carat gold work which makes it special. This also makes it quite expensive. It is very tasty to eat. Its taste is special as compared to other cashew kalash.

wari says that for the first time in Kasganj such an expensive sweet has been made. However, I know its sale will not be much. But, due to its price and gold work, this cashew urn will definitely attract customers. The pieces of this cashew urn look very attractive. These are packed in a plastic box.

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