Decorative Items Of Clay Are Being Made On Diwali, The Choice Of The Customers, The Hope Of The Potters


Earthen decorative items, colorful diyas are becoming the choice of customers on Diwali. Due to which the hopes of the potters have been awakened. Artisans say that this time they have high hopes in Diwali.

Haldwani: Diwali, the festival of lights, is near. Markets are decorated in view of Diwali. In such a situation, people are now buying decorative items made of traditional clay, leaving Chinese products to color the Diwali festival. Even in this era of modernity, earthen lamps remain the first choice of people on Diwali. Usually diyas are made in villages near cities. In such a situation, the demand for colored diyas has increased. Under the Vocal for Local Campaign of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the general public has made up its mind to participate fully in it. In such a situation, apart from the idols of people’s first choice of designing items made of clay, there is a lot of demand for lamps.

In this festival of happiness, the enthusiasm of people to decorate their homes is very high this time. The markets are buzzing. Citizens are buying clay lamps, decorative items and sculptures to decorate their homes on the theme of Vocal for Local. Due to the increasing trend of customers towards it, the faces of the artisans have also blossomed.

The demand for earthen lamps of various designs has increased in the markets. In these, small and big and many-shaped lamps of special colorful artifacts are visible. Whose price ranges from Rs 5 to Rs 500. All these artifacts are attracting the residents of the city. Pradeep Prajapati, a potter who does clay business, said that according to the demand of the customers, now the items made of clay have been changed. In view of the increasing competition in the markets, while changing their business, they are also making different types of clay sculptures and designing items apart from the earthen lamps. So that people can be attracted to traditional things again.

He told that designing lamps and clay items are being made in many parts of Uttar Pradesh. Items made of clay are now added to their beauty by colour-painting. Artisans say that this time they have high hopes in Diwali, but right now the business is completely slow. It is not even able to get full remuneration. People are demanding only colored diyas and turning their backs on blank earthen lamps, due to which the artisans are also very upset.

In such a situation, ETV India also appeals to all of you that along with lighting the house and courtyard with colorful lamps, you must use earthen lamps. Due to which the artisans of the potter community will get their remuneration. Like the light of diyas, their homes will also be illuminated.

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